Superhot: Mind Control Delete Trophy Guide

There are 15 Superhot: Mind Control Delete trophies that players will need to earn to platinum the game. Here's how to get them all.

The latest installment to the Superhot franchise has arrived in the form of Mind Control Delete. Similar to previous titles, players will be able to work their way through mind-bending puzzles in a slowed downtime fashion. For players looking to platinum the game, there are a handful of Superhot: Mind Control Delete trophies that you’ll need to collect. Here’s a look at each one of them. 

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Superhot: Mind Control Delete Trophy List 

There are a total of 15 Superhot: Mind Control Delete trophies that players will need to earn if they plan to platinum the game. Similar to other titles, some will be earned naturally and others will take a little bit of dedicated focus. In the table below, we will break down each of the Mind Control Delete trophies and explain how to earn them.


How to Earn:


MORE is all you need

-MORE is all you need

-Earn every trophy



-You came back for MORE

-Play through the campaign



-MORE was not enough for you

-Play through the campaign



-You still craved MORE

-Beat the main nodes and Node 0


So much MORE

-How much MORE could there be?

-Beat the main nodes and first floor of levels


There’s still MORE

-How much MORE could there be?

-Beat the main nodes and the second floor of levels


MORE than ever

-Was it MORE than you expected?

-Beat the main nodes


MORE power

-Gained MORE power

-Get your first Hack 


MORE mysteries

-Encountered MORE mysteries

-Interact with any computer terminal


MORE story

-Read MORE files

-Read a non-level node on the level select screen


Back for MORE

-You came back for MORE

-”Delete” the game and interact with a hidden triangle in the main menu


MORE Slashing

-Seethed with MORE anger

-Beat the Quarantine/Unstable level


MORE Shooting

-Suffered MORE addiction

-Beat the Quarantine/Toxic level


MORE punching

-Felt MORE anxiety

-Beat the Quarantine/Broken level


Less is MORE

-In the end everything you craved was no MORE

-Beat the story and “delete” the game. When it’s deleted, press the button continually until the game says “SuperHot”


 As you can see, the Superhot: Mind Control Delete trophies are a bit vague, to say the least. However, the majority of them will be completed naturally while playing through the different nodes and the main story. We’ve also made some notes in the list above to try and briefly explain how to earn each one since the descriptions aren’t really helpful…at all.

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Now that you have seen all of the Superhot: Mind Control Delete trophies, which do you think will be the hardest to earn? Be sure to let us know on our Twitter or Facebook page. 

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