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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Minecraft Steve Character Guide

by Lucas White

Here we are in 2020, and new content is still coming out for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This is easily the biggest game the Smash Bros. team has ever made, and there’s more to come. The latest addition is Steve, the player character in Minecraft. It’s a choice that has people split on whether or not they’re into it, but there’s no denying the cultural presence of Minecraft. Like many of the other oddball characters added in the DLC, Steve has a moveset that comes with its own mechanics. And these ones are a doozy.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Minecraft Steve Moves Guide

If you’re playing as Minecraft Steve, you’re going to have to play some Minecraft. His special moves all revolve around a crafting mechanic, and in order to make the most of his kit you’re gonna need materials. Aside from the crafting stuff, Steve has a number of strange properties that make him an odd character for sure. But that can be used to your advantage, as Steve can really catch people off-guard.



Like we said, in order to get the most out of Steve you have to craft. Holding the special button in neutral will make Steve dig into the ground and gather materials. The UI will tell you what materials you have, and you’ll need to keep up. If you use neutral special in the air, Steve will drop blocks underneath himself, giving you extra maneuverability. Now to actually craft, you need to summon a crafting table. To do this you have to use the special button with your shield up. Then, if you press special at the table, Steve will make the best weapon he can based on what materials you have. You’ll get a pickaxe of various degrees, all the way up to diamond You can also come back and upgrade your weapon too.

Steve’s down special brings out a TNT crate, and holding the special button lets him run a fuse with a plunger. Stepping on the plunger blows it up! You can use this to set traps, anticipate edge shenanigans, so on and so forth.

Up and special brings out a bird that lets Steve fly off in the direction you’re pointing in while the special activates. You have to be careful with this one, and make sure you’re aiming in the right direction. Messing up is an easy way to go sailing out of bounds. But it does have attacking properties, meaning you can sail across the screen horizontally and do some damage.

Side special summons a minecart, and if you have the right materials it builds a track as you go. You can smash into opponents, but you can also jump out and send it at them; they go for a ride, and the more damage they have the further it’ll take them. This is more of a tricky sort of move, and the better prepared you are to use it the more you’ll actually do with it.


Steve has some strange properties when you’re using his normals. For instance, the neutral one has him swing with whatever he’s holding, or just his fists. In similar fashion to Mega Man, you can hold down the button and move around while he’s swinging. You can even jump! Using down tilt makes Steve use a flintrock to summon a block of fire, which will fall if you use it at an edge. Uptilt is an upwards axe swing, which you can hold just like the neutral normal. The dash attack is pretty straightforward, but can be really strong if you have a weapon. Steve also has a strange jump, more of a short hop than a big, floaty Smash Bros. jump.


Up smashing with Steve summons a magma block above his head, which he then brakes with his axe. It lingers a bit, and if an opponent hits it they’ll take some fire damage before you break it for the launch. Side smash is a sweep attack from a specific version of Minecraft, but it’s effectively a chunky slash forward. Down smash makes Steve pour buckets of lava on the ground on either side, which will linger for a moment. And finally, Steve’s Final Smash brings out a giant piston that extends sideways, so you get more range than you might expect. If it lands, you’ll send whoever it hits to the House of Boom. A bunch of Creepers are inside, and they go Boom.

There are other nuances to Steve of course, such as his throws and air attacks. Those are less distinct compared to his other moves, so just try ‘em out! As you can see, Steve really requires some effort to get going, but it seems like he’s pretty powerful when he gets where he needs to be. Fans of Minecraft should have a lot of fun with him, especially with the actual crafting aspects.

What do you think of Minecraft Steve in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Does he seem like a fun character, regardless of what you think of Minecraft? Drop us a line and let us know what you think over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels! 


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