Tuesday, July 30th has been an exhilarating day for the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community. The reason for this excitement is due to the announcement by Nintendo which revealed the previously revealed DLC fighter of the Dragon Quest Hero would be coming to the popular fighting game's roster on July 30th. However, the news of the official release date for the Dragon Quest Hero was not the only piece of information fans received, as the moveset and spells for the DLC character were also shown off. If you are curious about the moveset and periods of the brand new fighter, be sure to check them out below. 

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Dragon Quest Hero Spells

One of the unique aspects of this new fighter is his Down B special attack. When a player performs the Down B special attack from the Hero's moveset, they will be able to play one of four random spells chosen from a larger group.

You can find all of the spells associated with the character's Down B special attack from his moveset below along with how many mana points (MP) they cost courtesy of AllGamers

  • Kamikazee: 1 MP - Self Destruct in Powerful Explosion
  • Magic Burst: All MP - Uses Remaining MP to Deal Massive Damage
  • Hocus Pocus: 4 MP - Creates Random Positive and Negative Effects
  • Metal Slash: 6 MP - One-hit Knock Outs Metal Enemies
  • Kacland: 6 MP - Makes You a Metal Character and Invincible for Short Duration
  • Zoom: 8 MP - Teleports You High in Sky Above Fighting Stage
  • Thwack: 30 MP - Marks Area in Front of You and Can Instantly Knock Out Enemies
  • Hatchet Man: 15 MP - A Overhead Strike that Causes Massive Damage
  • Snooze: 16 MP - a Sleeping Spell to Use Against Enemies
  • Kaboom: 37 MP - Fire a Powerful Explosive Spell
  • Accelerate: 13 MP - Boosts Movement Speed
  • Kacrackle Slash: 11 MP - Freezes Enemies in Ice
  • Flame Slash: 12 MP - Allows You to Swing Massive Flaming Sword
  • Heal: 7 MP - Allows You to Recover Percentage Damage
  • Bounce: 14 MP - Creates a Barrier that Reflects Projectiles
  • Psyche Up: 14 MP - Increases Power of Next Successful Attack by a Large Amount
  • Oomph: 16 MP - Raises Attack Power for a Short Duration

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Dragon Quest Hero Spells Moveset

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Dragon Quest Hero Moveset

 You can find the rest of the attacks which make up the moveset of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Dragon Quest Hero DLC fighter below.

A - Normal Attacks

Neutral B Special - Frizz Spells

  • Frizz - 6 MP
  • Frizzle - 16 MP
  • Kafrizz - 36 MP

Side B Special - Zap Spells

  • Zap - 8 MP
  • Zapple - 18 MP
  • Kazap - 42 MP

Up B Special - Whoosh Spells

  • Whoosh - 5 MP
  • Swoosh - 9 MP
  • Kaswoosh - 18 MP

With the knowledge of the moveset and spells for the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Dragon Quest Hero DLC character now in your pocket, you will be able to use the new fighter and see a great deal of success with him in your future battles.