Super Mario RPG Post-Game – What to Do After Beating the Main Story

The quest ends, but the fun continues

Super Mario RPG for Switch is an extremely loyal remake of its original. Here are all the things you can do in Super Mario RPG after beating the main story.

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What to Do After Super Mario RPG’s Main Story

After you defeat the final boss, you can save your game typically. When you start that same file again, it will be a little before that final battle, but now you’re free to go wherever you want. At Mario’s home, a Toad will give you a pass to stay at Marrymore Hotel. If you go and sleep there, when you wake up, Geno will tell you that something is happening at Star Hill and that you should go check. 

That brings us to the first thing you can do post-game: defeat bosses.

Post-Game Boss Fights 

When you arrive at Star Hill, you’ll find pink stars that represent these new bosses to fight. There are six of them: Mario-Style Jinx, Scratchy-Throat Belome, Leveled-Up Punchinello, Engine-023 Booster, Extra-Fancy Bundt & Extra-Fancy Raspberry, and Duel-Ready Johnny. 

You can fight almost all of them in any order, but you do need to find them first. Or if you wanna save yourself some time, you can just go to the Frog Sage in Tadpole Pond for clear directions. You’ll be told who to fight and where to find them. Also, keep in mind that these fights are harder than anything before, so be prepared. 

Those six bosses are not all. There’s another final challenge after you’ve beaten all of them, and to access this, a special item that acts as a key: an Extra Shiny Stone. This will unlock the final battle against Culex 3D. This is the hardest fight in the game, so stock on items and equip your best gear. 

Most of these bosses are rematchable, and the ones from the main story, too, will be powered-up. So that is another thing you can do if you’d like to aim for 100% completion of the game. 

Play Music From The Game 

After you clear the main story, a new option will appear in the Journal: the Sound Player. Here, you can listen to all of the OSTs from both this remake and the original SNES version. Well, this one isn’t really a thing to do, but it’s still a really fantastic addition. 

Complete the Monster List 

If you’re a fan of filling bestiaries, then you will be very happy to know that, after clearing the main story, all the previous “?????” entries in the Monster List will now show the monster’s name and data. This makes it great to go hunt them in the lands and see them yourself. You will get a special Monster Trophy after you check every entry. 

Get Every Treasure, Item, Medal, and so on

For a true 100% completion quest, it’s a classic and very time-consuming thing to do to try and get everything in the game. For Super Mario RPG, this means finding all the 39 Hidden Treasures scattered around the Seven Lands. Of course, you must also complete all of the side quests you might’ve brushed off during the gameplay and get the best possible rewards from the mini-games.

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