Super Mario RPG: Frog Sage Won’t Talk – How to Fix “Maybe a Snack Will Cheer Me Up”

Stop thinking about food and talk to me.

Screenshot of the Frog Sage in Super Mario RPG.
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After completing the events in Marrymore and getting the fourth Star in Super Mario RPG, you must speak to the Frog Sage at Tadpole Pond – but what do you do if he won’t talk to you? Don’t worry, your game isn’t broken; here’s how to fix it.

How to Fix the Frog Sage Not Talking in Super Mario RPG

If the Frog Sage won’t tell you what to do next and instead won’t stop talking about wanting food, it’s because you’ve missed a crucial part of Mallow’s story. Remember when you first meet him after Croco steals his Frog Coin in the Mushroom Kingdom? The Frog Sage gave Mallow the Frog Coin to go and buy a Cricket Pie for him… Which is precisely what you’ve forgotten to do.

By this point in Super Mario RPG, you will have successfully kicked Croco’s butt, and Mallow will have his Frog Coin back, so visit the Item Shop in the Mushroom Kingdom and speak to the shopkeeper. Mallow will purchase a Cricket Pie with it. I can’t say a bug-filled pie sounds particularly appetizing, but each to their own.

Return to the Frog Sage at Tadpole Pond and give him the Cricket Pie. This cheers him right up (understandably, food heals the soul; I’m not myself when I’m angry), and he will give you the Froggie Stick weapon for Mallow.

If you talk to him again, he will finally tell you what Mario must do next to find the fifth Star.

Before you leave Tadpole Pond, if you haven’t already, head over to our Frog Sage’s Suite #18 song guide to learn how to get the Alto Card, which unlocks a better healing item at the Juice Bar in Super Mario RPG.

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