Super Mario Bros Wonder: Outmaway Valley Complete Guide

So much kicking.

Peach doing the Outmaway Valley level in Super Mario World.
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Outmaway Valley is one of the earliest courses in the Fluff-Puff Peak world and is one of the few levels with a secret exit. Those looking to complete this course completely should read this guide on how to find every flower coin and wonder seed.

How to Complete Outmaway Valley

To fully complete Outmaway Valley, collect three 10-flower coins, three Wonder Seeds, and achieve a wonderful ranking on the final exit jump. Completing the level twice is necessary, as getting the Wonder Flower prevents you from obtaining one of the seeds.

Outmaway Valley Coin 1

The first coin is close to the start of the level and can be revealed by pulling the handle on a wooden tower. While it sounds straightforward, two Outmaways are kicking a large ice block between them. You can use the block to help you pull the handle or wait until after you’ve removed one of the enemies.

Outmaway Valley Coin 2

The second coin is a little further ahead. Break through some ice and go through a gold tube to spot it on the right side. To reach it, travel back up. Exiting the pipe, you’ll encounter an Outmaway preparing to kick three ice blocks. Jump down the hole beneath him to find the second coin.

Outmaway Valley Coin 3

The third coin is past the checkpoint, across from an empty pit and sharp rocks. To collect it, travel on the ice block kicked by an Outmaway and leap onto the platform. Overcoming this challenge can be tricky due to nearby platforms and timing, as there’s a spot you need to jump over to remain on the block. Precise jumps are crucial as falling is also a considerable risk. Consider using a badge like the Parachute Cap to make this jump easier.

Outmaway Valley Wonder Seed 1

The first Wonder Seed can be found after grabbing the Wonder Flower hiding in the ground beneath a large block of ice. Collecting the flower will turn the course into a spinning snowball, which destroys the rest of the course. Keep toward the top of the ball to avoid getting crushed by it. Eventually, you’ll see the bottom of a flagpole with the Wonder Seed. Get it and the course returns to normal.

Outmaway Valley Wonder Seed 2

You’ll come to the secret exit right after your ride on the snowball. There are some ice blocks on a platform to the left. Hop on these to help you reach the top. This will transform your flag and the nearby building, earning you a Wonder Seed.

Outmaway Valley Wonder Seed 3

To obtain the final Wonder Seed, complete the level without collecting the Wonder Flower. Continue past it to reach the regular exit, just past the hidden Wonder Flower, random holes, and platforms with enemies. This jump is similar to the one needed for the third coin. Hit the blue flower above an Outmaway to transform a nearby platform into an ice block, use it to reach the flagpole, and reveal the last seed.

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