Super Mario Bros Wonder: Five Tips for Players

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All characters in Super Mario Bros Wonder
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Super Mario Bros. Wonder brings back side-scrolling 2D action with added twists and excitement. In this guide, we’ll go over some of the best tips and tricks for players to master this addition to the Mario franchise easily.

Use Other Characters

For the most part, all of the characters play the same. Yoshis and Nabbits are slightly different because they don’t take damage from enemies and aren’t affected by power-ups. However, aside from that, each one is no different than the other. That being said, some blocks are only visible to specific characters. So, places that may be challenging to one person can be much easier with another because of the potential secrets that they may reveal.

Change the Controls

Another tip for making Super Mario Bros Wonder easier is to change the controls. While there are only a few changes that you can make, making them can still make playing more manageable for you. To change your controls, go to the settings menu, which can be found at the bottom of the screen after pressing the plus (+) button on your controller.

Get Different Badges

If you’re looking to significantly change how you play the game, then you need to look at the different badges available. Ultimately, badges will fall into two categories: Action or Boost. Action badges give extra abilities to help you during the course, such as turning your hat into a parachute or boosting your jumping abilities. On the other hand, Boost badges give you passive benefits like starting a level with a mushroom power-up or preventing costly falls.

At the start of the game, you only have access to a few badges. Keep playing and searching out badge challenge levels to gain more. Don’t forget to watch for more challenging levels, as these tend to offer better badges.

Try to Find Hidden Items and Areas

As previously mentioned, characters can sometimes see special boxes hidden on maps. However, Super Mario Bros. Wonder hides much more than those blocks within its levels. You can also discover hidden sections, items, and secret exits. While finding hidden boxes is often a matter of guesswork, you can sometimes examine your surroundings for clues. Usually, the talking flowers have helpful insights into the world around them. Don’t forget to check out all the pipes, as they often lead to different areas.

Keep a watchful eye out for subtly glowing areas as well. These regions, whether they involve enemies or parts of the map, often contain valuable items like coins, power-ups, and occasionally wonder flowers.

Utilize Power Ups

Power-ups are a crucial part of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, and using them effectively is essential for a successful gaming experience. These abilities offer versatility, allowing you to switch between them if you have a backup power-up. This flexibility provides a significant advantage, enabling you to adapt to defeat enemies or overcome dangerous areas easily.

Additionally, power-ups act as a safety net. If you happen to take damage and return to a smaller state, you can activate your stored power-up to become big and gain powers. Not only does this make gameplay easier, but it also transforms any mushroom power-ups in the level into special power-ups instead, giving you more chances to get another stored power.

If you want to explore the Super Mario Bros. Wonder game fully, look at this guide on finding all special world entrances, or check out all the badges you can use in the game.

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