Super Mario Bros Wonder: Condarts Away Complete Guide

Those birds are fast.

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“Condarts Away!” is one of the first stages in Fluff-Puff Peaks, the second world in Super Mario Bros Wonder. Continue reading to discover some tricks for overcoming this level, as well as the locations of coins and Wonder Seeds.

How to Fully Complete Condarts Away!

To earn a green checkmark for the “Condarts Away!” course, you must collect all three 10-flower coins, obtain two Wonder Seeds, and get a wonderful finish when grabbing the final flagpole.

Condarts Away! Flower Coin 1

The first coin isn’t hidden away and is remarkably easy to find. Continue through the standard course until you reach an area with ledges. On the lowest one, you’ll find a Condart and your first 10-flower coin. Descend carefully, either avoiding or defeating the Condart, and gather the coin.

Condarts Away! Flower Coin 2

The second coin is relatively close to the first one. To reach it, climb all the ledges until you can see the checkpoint. Then, make your way to the ledge on the left. You can make this easier by eliminating the Condart before it has a chance to destroy the blocks. Alternatively, you can have an appropriate badge to help you navigate, such as Parachute Cap, Wall-Climb Jump, or Boosting Spin Jump. Once you cross over, hit the box nearest the wall, releasing a Propeller Flower that will take you to a hidden area.

Here, you’ll ride the conveyor belts and evade the Condarts to acquire the second 10-flower coin. There’s one last Condart you can jump on to reach it, or you can utilize Parachute Cap or Boosting Spin Jump to push yourself the rest of the way.

Condarts Away! Wonder Seed 1

The Wonder Flower is high above several Condarts, icy ledges, and two golden pipes. Fortunately, several methods can help you reach a ledge near the flower. You can use the highest Condart for an extra boost, push off a wall and angle towards the ledge, or utilize one of your badges like Boosting Spin Jump or Parachute Cap.

Once you collect the Wonder Flower, you’ll get an overhead view of the course. Navigate the new area, avoiding enemies and bouncing obstacles until you reach the Wonder Seed.

Condarts Away! Flower Coin 3

The last 10-flower coin can be found shortly after the first Wonder Seed. On the right, you’ll see a Condart and a group of bricks. Have the Condart break the bricks, defeat it, and enter the hidden pipe.

Inside, you’ll discover another new area with a Condart and an explosive block. Maneuver your way under the box to get the bird to hit it. The resulting explosion will give you the final flower coin.

Condarts Away! Wonder Seed 2

You’ll obtain the last Wonder Seed upon successfully completing the level. After getting the final coin, you don’t have much further to go. Climb the large hill, avoiding Condarts along the way, and navigate onto a lone outcropping. Take the final leap onto the flagpole to receive the last Wonder Seed. If you also get a “wonderful” grab, you’ll get a green checkmark on the course menu for “Condarts Away!”

With that, you’ve completed the course and are ready to tackle another. For more Super Mario Bros Wonder tips, check out this guide on where to find all the special world entrances.

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