Super Mario Bros Wonder: All Wonder Seeds, Coins, and Secrets in Rolla Koopa Derby

Go Koopas, go.

A Super Mario Bros. Wonder screenshot of Mario, Toad, Luigi, and Peach playing simultaneously.
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Super Mario Bros. Wonder revives classic 2D side-scrolling Mario action, enhancing it with secret areas and locations even on the earliest maps. If you’re seeking Wonder Seeds, coins, and secrets on Rolla Koop Derby, read this comprehensive guide.

All Collectables in Super Mario Bros Wonder: Rolla Koopa Derby Listed

Secret 1

At the beginning of the course, you’ll notice a green plant floating near the top. Use the three platforms to reach and collect it once the roller-blading Koopas have passed. This plant doesn’t reveal any secret locations, but it does yield coins, which you can collect as you progress.

Coin 1

The first coin is easily spotted as you continue forward. You’ll encounter a musical bridge with roller-blading Koopas. Tucked in the midst of them is the large flower coin. Use your surroundings to navigate the Koopas and collect it.

Secret Area and Coin 2

A little further from the first coin, you’ll find two question mark boxes. One of them will give you a Propeller Flower. Hop on and you’ll be taken onto a platform in the sky with four roller-blading Koopas just out of reach. Hit the bottom of the green shell contraption to knock out all the Koopas. Collect the coin reward and head back to the course.

Coin 3

There are several sloped platforms, a bouncy surface, and a question mark box in the bottom of a hill. Of course, you’ll also have to deal with the roller-blading Koopas. You’ll need them to hit the box, so it’s important not to hit them with a fireball. Simply jump on one of them and send the shell towards the hill. It will reward you with the final coin.

Wonder Seed

The next coin can be a bit challenging to locate. Continue straight until you reach a large tree surrounded by sloped platforms and a higher handle. Use the platforms to jump and reach the handle. Hold on to it to collect the Wonder Flower.

After collecting the flower, the map will change. Follow the rays of light to collect each of the five smaller flower coins. You can find them by following the sounds of talking flowers or collecting coins from boxes. There’s no time limit, so proceed cautiously so that you don’t fall to the bottom and have to restart. Once you have all five flower coins, head to the top to acquire the Wonder Seed.

Finishing the Course

Once you’ve completed all the tasks in the course, the only thing left to do is obtain the final Wonder Seed. Proceed through the map until you reach the final flagpole. Grabbing it will change the flange, restore the Bowser-infected house to its normal state, and grant you Rolla Koopa Derby’s last Wonder Seed.

In the main area, you can check for completion by ensuring you’ve found all items and potential exits. If you’ve done that and achieved a wonderful flag grab, you’ll see a green check on the course map. This check can be much harder to find when the courses start to have multiple exits. Check out how to find the secret exit in Piranha Plants on Parade and get that final Wonder Seed.

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