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Super Mario 3D World Multiplayer Tips – Naughty or Nice Edition

by Prima Games Staff

Similar to New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Nintendo’s Super Mario 3D World for Wii U allows up to four people to tackle levels co-operatively. You and your buddies can work together to thwart Bowser and his minions, or turn against each other in a frantic race for high scores. The choice is yours, and some friendly backstabbing never hurt anyone, right? With this in mind, here are some multiplayer tips to get started, depending on the type of player you intend to be. 

Super Mario 3D World Multiplayer Tips – The Naughty Approach 

Steal the Crown

At the end of each level, the person with the highest score receives a crown. Complete the next course wearing this crown to score a point bonus. If you don’t have this fine piece of headgear, you can attempt to outscore your friend the next time around, or steal it outright. Deliver a ground pound or Cat Power-Up Claw Dive within his or her vicinity to knock off the crown, then grab it.  If you don’t care about the crown and want to be mean, push or throw his or her highness into a pit and the crown will be lost for the rest of the level. 

Take all the Power-Ups 

Let’s say someone on the team is small and in desperate need of a Super Bell or Fire Flower. Instead of letting your friend have it, take the Power-Up and continue on your way. Remember, the more points you have, the better chance at earning the crown.

Grab all the Coins

Similarly, you can always collect each and every gold coin.This ultimately means more 1-Ups and points for you. Too bad you won’t have a Scrooge McDuck money bin to hold all this loot.

Pop the Bubbles 

Players can press L or R to encase their hero inside an invincible bubble, which is a cool feature for inexperienced gamers. The only person who can pop a bubble is another player; all you have to do is touch it. Do this while the other player floats across a bottomless pit or bed of spikes.  

Throw Friends into Enemies and Dangerous Objects

Press/hold Y or X to pick someone up. What you do with this person is entirely up to you. You could throw this unlucky player into a Piranha Plant. So mean!

Die Intentionally

Turns out, everyone shares lives in Super Mario 3D World.  You can always sabotage the group by running into enemies, spikes and lava on purpose, essentially ruining the entire game. Not that you’d ever do something so dastardly, right?

Ground Pound like Crazy

The familiar Mario ground pound may have deadly consequences. Anyone near the vicinity (save for the person doing it) gets knocked back and stunned for a few seconds, leaving this person wide open to attack.

Super Mario 3D World Multiplayer Tips – The Nice Approach

Compete for the Crown Honorably

To the victor go the spoils, yes? Shake hands, grab your controller of choice and may the best player win. No chicanery. No treacherous deeds. Work together as a team and see where the Mushrooms fall, so to speak. In this scenario, you’re more interested in clearing the stage and beating the entire game.  

Save Power-Ups for Friends

OK, so a friend could really use a Super Bell or Boomerang Flower. Once the Power-Up springs forth from a ? Block, watch it fall to the ground and let your buddy grab it. Why? Because it’s in your best interest to have each person at full strength. It’ll make beating the level a heck of a lot easier.

Master the Synchro Ground Pound

Too many enemies standing between you and victory? Unleash a powerful synchro ground pound. Work cooperatively so everyone delivers a ground pound at the exact same time. This creates a shockwave that destroys almost anything in its path; the more people involved, the bigger the shockwave. 

Pop other People’s Bubbles

Normally, this is a nasty thing to do. That is, of course, unless someone just died and floats helplessly as you attempt to beat the level. Sure, you could leave him or her in limbo, but you could use the help clearing the board. 

Bounce off Players’ Heads 

If someone cannot reach a high area, give them a boost! Players can jump on each other’s heads and hold the B or A button to receive some extra height on the jump. You can also achieve this from the crouched position, whereupon which the person on the bottom will do an alley-oop. 

For more Super Mario 3D World tips, pick up Prima’s Collector’s Edition Guide, and be sure to read through our free walkthrough.

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