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Super Mario 3D World Beginner’s Tips

by Prima Games Staff

There’s a lot to love about Super Mario 3D World. Not only does it let you play as different characters with unique abilities, but Nintendo also poured a huge dose of imagination into designing the game’s levels. There’s also the new Super Bell Power-Up that turns your hero of choice into a cat. It’s as cute as it sounds.

That said, don’t go into this title expecting to beat it in eight hours or less, especially if you want 100 percent completion. On that note, here are some Super Mario 3D World tips to help you get warmed up.

How Many Playable Characters are there in Super Mario 3D World?

There are five heroes in the game, each of which plays differently. It’s important to know each character’s strengths. In addition, you’ll need to play as specific characters to activate switches in the game. For instance, Peach can only access a Peach-labeled switch.

Mario: Similar to Super Mario Bros. 2, Mario is the most balanced character in the game. Although he doesn’t excel in one particular area, Super Mario 3D World was essentially designed around his skill-set, so he’s without question the most ideal hero to play as.

Luigi: Mario’s green-clad bro has the highest jump in the game.

Princess Peach: She’s the slowest character in Super Mario 3D World, but we can’t blame you for sticking with her. Peach can hover for roughly two seconds, making her a great hero to have while making dangerous leaps. 

Toad: He doesn’t jump very high, but Toad is the fastest character in the game.

Rosalina: This Super Mario Galaxy alum makes a welcome appearance in 3D World, thanks in large part to her Spin attack that she can use standing still, jumping and moving.

How do I Change Characters in Super Mario 3D World?

Select a level, and just before it begins (at the Course Start Screen), press the B button and use the left analog stick or d-pad to cycle through the available characters, then press B again to make your selection.

Can I Store Power-Ups in Super Mario 3D World?

Yes! You can store up to two Power-Ups in a level. There’s the one you currently have, and another on the lower left portion of the screen. Swap between the two with the – (minus) button.

Why is this important? Let’s say you need to climb walls as Cat Mario (via the Super Bell Power-Up), but also need to attack enemies with the Boomerang (via the Boomerang Flower).  All you have to do is hit – when you need to switch. Just remember that you’ll lose the currently held Power-Up if your character a.) gets hit by an enemy, or b.) falls into a pit.

What if I Die A Lot? Is the Super Leaf in Super Mario 3D World? 

Yes! Lose five consecutive lives and the Super Leaf box appears. Hit it and grab the leaf to become invincible throughout the entire level.

Note: Using the Super Leaf means you won’t get a sparkling star atop the flagpole next to the level on the World Map. You’ll have to replay the stage without the Super Leaf to get that.

How do I Get 100 Percent Completion in Each Level?

There are a few things you’ll need to do. First, track down all of the Green Stars (usually three). Second, find the Stamp; you can attach Stamps to your Miiverse posts. Third, reach the top of the goal pole.

The Super Bell is a great Power-Up to have, since Cat Mario can actually climb to the top of the goal pole.

More Super Mario 3D World Tips

-The weather in the Super Mario 3D World main menu changes each time you quit the game from the World Map.

-Climb trees to find coins and Power-Ups.

-Activate the Checkpoint Flag to receive a Mushroom.

-Run through bushes to grab the occasional gold coin.

-You can attack a Conkdor bird from the rear to avoid its beak attack.

-You can push tiny Goombas backwards by blowing into the Wii U GamePad microphone.

-Blow into the Wii U GamePad microphone to see invisible blocks.

-Walk up to stunned enemies and Mario will dispose of them with a kick.

-Pick up the Double Cherry to add another Mario to your team. Now you have double Claw Attacks, or Fireballs if you prefer. Are the character’s too far apart? Walk into a corner to form a triangle, or along a wall for a straight line.

-Tired of slipping on ice? Crouch by pressing and holding the ZL button, then tilt the left analog stick to move Mario without the threat of sliding.

-Collect green + Clocks to add 100 seconds to the timer. Smaller blue clocks add 10 seconds.

-With the Cannonball Box item, press and hold the Y button to charge your attack.

-Enemies are not impervious to spiked rollers and projectiles.

-Chase after rabbits for bonus items.

-Fireballs ricochet off walls and other objects. 

-So long as you reach the Checkpoint Flag, you’ll keep all Green Stars collected, even if you die; providing you continue from that midway point. That said, it is sometimes a good idea to collect the second Green Star and then activate the Checkpoint Flag. Saves you from having to grab the same Star repeatedly. Keep in mind not all courses allow this.

For in-depth Super Mario 3D World strategies, including maps for each level, pick up Prima’s Collector’s Edition Official Game Guide.