Stuck on the UC Vigilance in Starfield? Here’s How to Get Out

Uh, guys? You wanna open the door?

Starfield UC Vigilance
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As you progress through the mission Deep Cover in Starfield, you’ll need to board the UC Vigilance, a United Colonies ship designated to dismantle the Crimson Fleet. On board, you’ll speak to Commander Ikande, captain of the vessel, who briefs you on the mission and sends you off. Except…the docking bay is closed, and you can’t get out. If you’re stuck in the UC Vigilance, I’m here to tell you how to get out.

How to Fix Being Stuck on the UC Vigilance in Starfield

Starfield Lieutenant Toft
Image via Prima Games.

You’re most likely stuck on the UC Vigilance because the mission bugged out, and you aren’t actually done. Instead, you need to speak with Ikande’s second-in-command, Lieutenant Toft. She can be found on the bridge alongside Ikande and is a brunette with her hair back. You’re allowed to leave once you speak with her and receive the Burden of Proof mission.

However, there are alternative options if this isn’t why you’re stuck. Some players have reported that you’ll be freed from the UC Vigilance if you stand up and fast-travel to any other location. Others have reported that you can start shooting people, and the docking bay will open. This will force you to take the side of the Crimson Fleet in this mission line, but it’ll get the job done. You could even try to reload the save, though we haven’t heard anything to confirm or deny this fixes it.

When Will This Bug Be Fixed?

Bethesda hasn’t given a timeframe on when you’ll all be freed from the UC Vigilance without going through all this hassle. Game developers tend to release patches in the weeks following release, so there’s a chance the issue will be fixed before September is done. Without official word though, we don’t know for sure.

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