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Street Fighter 6: Who is Hikaru Takahashi?

That Aono-kun show sounds sick actually

by Lucas White

During the latest Capcom Showcase, a strange, little bit of news was offered for Street Fighter 6. The final guest voice commentator was announced, added to a list of mostly known esports commentators in the fighting game community. The person in question is Hikaru Takahashi, a name I was not familiar with at all. So who is Hikaru Takahashi and why is she in Street Fighter 6? I can answer one of these questions and frankly I’m not even that confident. Let’s try anyway.

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From what I’ve been able to gather from various sources, Hikaru Takahashi has nothing to do with fighting games. But she is an actress, and a relatively young one at that. Her list of roles is rather small, but in a career that barely started as the pandemic happened, it’s an impressive list all the same. Most of her career seems to be in TV roles, including a recent live action adaptation of the horror/romance manga series, I Want to Hold Aono-kun so Badly I Could Die. Here’s a list:


  • A Living Promise (2016)
  • Mr. Osomatsu (2022)

TV Shows

  • Naotora: The Lady Warlord (2017)
  • Parfait Tic! (2018
  • Born to be a Flower (2018
  • Where Have My Skirts Gone? (2019)
  • I Want to Hold Aono-kun so Badly I Could Die (2022)
  • Blue Box Briefing (2022)

Music Video

  • Little Glee Monster – Jinsei wa Ichido Kiri (2015)

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And of course there’s her newly announced role in Street Fighter VI. Takahashi is an interesting choice for sure compared to the other options, but it’s hard to deny her morbid enthusiasm displayed in the trailer. So if you want something a little different than the usual esports chatter but still want some fun commentary, Takahashi is a unique alternative.

Lucas White

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