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Street Fighter 6 Complete Character Gift Guide

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An easy way to increase a Master’s Bond Meter in Street Fighter 6 World Tour Mode is to give them plenty of gifts. This guide goes over all the best gifts for each Master.

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The Best General Gifts for SF6 Characters in World Tour Mode

Every Master in Street Fighter 6’s World Tour Mode has a gift they like, sometimes openly and other times begrudgingly. These gifts tend to be jokier versions of items the character really likes; for instance, Luke loves video games but is scared of horror games, and his best general gift is the horror game “Red Elevator 8.”

These general gifts increase the Master’s Bond Meter by 5 points. They can also be purchased, making them a consistent way to increase a Master’s Bond Meter.

The following table lists each Street Fighter 6 character’s best general gift, where you can buy it, and how much it costs:

CharacterGeneral GiftLocationCost
LukeRed Elevator 8Merchant Hawker in Bathers Beach, Jamaica5,800 Zenny
JamieBao Bao Bro StikcerMerchant Hawker in Bathers Beach, Jamaica6,000 Zenny
ManonBeaujolaisMerchant Hawker in Bathers Beach, Jamaica6,300 Zenny
KimberlyThe Answer Lies in the Heart of LoveMerchant Hawker in Bathers Beach, Jamaica6,700 Zenny
MarisaCold Tomato SoupMerchant Hawker in Fete Foraine, France7,000 Zenny
LilyCelery ChipsMerchant Hawker in Bathers Beach, Jamaica6,500 Zenny
JPAntique Playing CardsMerchant Hawker in Bathers Beach, Jamaica7,100 Zenny
JuriWrenchMerchant Hawker in Dhalsimer Temple, India6,700 Zenny
Dee JayLukewarm BeerMerchant Hawker in Ranger’s Hut, Brazil6,600 Zenny
CammyJellied EelMerchant Hawker in Bathers Beach, Jamaica5,600 Zenny
RyuInstant SobaShopkeeper Udon in Metro City, USA5,800 Zenny
E. HondaRubber DuckiesMerchant Hawker in Colosseo, Italy5,500 Zenny
BlankaKnock Off Blanka-Chan DollMerchant Hawker in Bathers Beach, Jamaica5,300 Zenny
GuileNattoMerchant Hawker in Genbu Temple, Japan6,500 Zenny
KenCookbookMerchant Hawker in Thunderfoot Temple, Mexico6,200 Zenny
Chun-LiCanned HerringShopkeeper Dora in Old Nayshall, Nayshall6,700 Zenny
ZangiefWooden BearMerchant in Barmaley Steelworks, Russia6,300 Zenny
DhalsimInstant Curry (Ultra Mild)Shopkeeper Tsanpa in Old Nayshall, Nayshall6,300 Zenny
RashidJunk DiscBattling Azam’s studentsRandom drop
A.K.I.FanBattling Ioannis using A.K.I.’s styleRandom drop

The Best Unique Gifts for SF6 Characters in World Tour Mode

Each Master in Street Fighter 6 World Tour Mode has a special gift that is obtained by completing a specific side quest or friendship mission. These gifts give a massive 40 points to their Bond Meter, making them well worth your time to seek out. 

The following table lists each Street Fighter 6 character’s unique gift, and what quest you need to complete to earn it:

CharacterUnique GiftAssociated Mission
LukeStrawberry Fight 6Ken’s Friendship Mission
JamieQuestionable Energy DrinkBlanka’s Friendship Mission
ManonCommemorative MedalZangief’s Friendship Mission
KimberlyVintage EarbudsDee Jay’s Friendship Mission
MarisaLion NecklaceGuile’s Friendship Mission
LilyGummy CaterpillarKimberly’s Friendship Mission
JPAbsurd CheckSuval’hal Arena Throwdown Side Mission
JuriPricey CheckManon’s Friendship Mission
Dee JayHeartBeatBBLuke’s Friendship Mission
CammyNeco Acrylic KeychainChun-Li’s Friendship Mission
RyuJapanese SweetsRetsu’s Side Mission
E. HondaTiramisu BobaCammy’s Friendship Mission
BlankaLocketLily’s Friendship Mission
GuileCoffee MillDhalsim’s Friendship Mission
KenSkateboard KeychainJamie’s Friendship Mission
Chun-LiCitrus PerfumeJuri’s Friendship Mission
ZangiefWeightsMarisa’s Friendship Mission
DhalsimSupreme Instant CurryE. Honda’s Friendship Mission
RashidSushi Memory StickMike Haggar Memorial Stadium Martial Arts Tournament Side Mission (not the main mission associated with the Stadium)
A.K.I.Japanese HorseradishThe Secret Sentient Sidekick Side Mission

How to Unlock a Master’s Friendship Mission in SF6 World Tour Mode

Most of the unique gifts in World Tour Mode come from completing another Master’s Friendship Mission. To unlock a character’s Friendship Mission, you need to reach Rank 18 in their Style Meter.

To increase someone’s Style Meter you must use that character’s special moves and/or fighting style on your customizable character. Once you max out a character’s Style Meter, you’ll continue to accrue points you can allocate to another character’s Style Meter. So, if there’s a character whose moves you don’t enjoy using, not to worry—you can still increase their Style Meter by using moves you do like.

SF6 World Tour Mode Prepaid Cards

Prepaid Cards are an item you can gift to a Master in World Tour Mode to increase their Bond Meter by 2 points. Although a Master’s general gift is better, DLC fighters like Rashid and A.K.I. have general gifts that can only be found as random drops. Their inconsistency makes Prepaid Cards a good alternative when you want to increase their Bond Meter quickly. The lower cost of Prepaid Cards also makes them a good option for when you’re running low on Zenny.

You can buy as many Prepaid Cards as you’d like from Shopkeeper Dora in Old Nayshall, Nayshall for 1,260 Zenny each.

Why Should You Increase a Master’s Bond Meter to 100 in SF6?

When you increase a Master’s Bond Meter to 100 in Street Fighter 6 World Tour Mode, you’ll permanently unlock their Outfit 2 for use in all the available game modes. A fighter’s Outfit 2 can also be purchased for 50 Fighter Coins or approximately 1 USD, but it’s highly recommended that you max out their Bond Meter in World Tour Mode so you can save your Fighter Coins for other paid content, like each fighter’ Outfit 3.

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