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Stranger Things Game – Find All the Gnomes

by Josh Hawkins

To celebrate the upcoming release of Stranger Things Season 2, a new mobile game based on the show has released, and players can download it for free on IOS devices right now. As you play through the game, you’ll notice in your inventory there are several items that you can collect as you explore the world of Stranger Things. One of these collectible items, Gnomes, are hidden throughout the world in pretty clever areas, and today we’ll show you how to find all of the Gnomes in the Stranger Things game so you can complete your collection.

All Gnome Locations

There are a total of twelve Gnomes hidden throughout Stranger Things the mobile game, and each one is named, as well as numbered. To help make things easier, we’ve broken down each Gnome’s location below, and you should be able to follow each description to find every one of the twelve lawn gnomes without any issues.

Gnome 1 – David

The first Gnome, which is named David, can be found along the shore of the lake, just behind Hopper’s house. You can only find this Gnome after you have completed the first dungeon in the game.

Gnome 2 – Bumble

Players can find the second Gnome, Bumble, inside of the Forest Maze Dungeon. After you’ve unlocked Will, head back into the maze and make your way around the northeastern loop to the southeastern portion of the map. Now, look for a room with a pipe and head down through the pipe to find Bumble the Gnome waiting to be collected.

Gnome 3 – Grumble

The third Gnome that players can find is hidden along a path to the east of Hawkins Lab. Look for a footpath that picks up just before the quarry. Once you find this path, head along it until you find the third Gnome at the bottom of the path.

Gnome 4 – Tumble

You can find and obtain the fourth Gnome in the forest just south of the middle school. Head inside the forest via the south side, and use Nancy’s bat to break the logs open and gain entry to the forest here. Now, head inside and you’ll find this Gnome just waiting to be collected.

Gnome 5 – Sam

Players can find Sam the Gnome inside the Middle School dungeon. You should look for a room in the northernmost portion of the dungeon. To get inside this room, break the suitcase open to discover a cracked wall. Use Nancy’s bat to break the wall down and head inside the closed-off room to find this Gnome inside.

Gnome 6 – Pipsy

You’ll be able to find the sixth Gnome, Pipsy over in the pumpkin patch, on the far western side of the town. To get here, head to Hopper’s house and find Will. Once you have Will, make your way to the corn maze in the west, and then use Nancy to break the log open. You’ll find Pipsy near the center of the maze, just waiting to be picked up.

Gnome 7 – Tipsy

The seventh Gnome in Stranger Things can be found in the woods to the west of the entrance to the Sewers dungeon. Look out for a bear guarding a chest, and then break the nearby log to find the gnome waiting inside to be rescued.

Gnome 8 – Robil

This eight Gnome can be found inside of Hawkins Lab, the very first dungeon that you explore. However, you won’t be able to find him until after you have Will in your party. Once you enter the lab, head one room to the north, then enter the small room on the right. From here, look for a pipe that Will can crawl through and you’ll find Robil the Gnome waiting inside.

Gnome 9 – Bobil

Bobil the Gnome can be found inside of the Sewer dungeon. Once you have Will, head into the first room of the Sewers and use Will to enter the pipe on the northwestern corner of the room. This will lead you to a room with this Gnome, just waiting to be added to your collection.

Gnome 10 – Wigglebum

Players can find the tenth Gnome, Wigglebum, within the Hawkins Public Library. Enter the dungeon, and then make your way to the room in the northeastern corner of the area. From here, head into the room below to find this Gnome. It’s easier to wait until the lights are on to grab this Gnome, but it can be obtained while the lights are off as well.

Gnome 11 – Lord Twinklenose

If you want to find Lord Twinklenose, the eleventh Gnome in Stranger Things, then you’ll need to head to Hawkins High School and make your way down the street to the west. If you look out for a house with a blue roof and a white fence, head inside to find this Gnome waiting to be picked up.

Gnome 12 – Pop

After you get Dustin added to your party, return to the Sattler Quarry and continue along the path down south. This path will curve east and up towards a small cave entry, where a bear can be found block the way forward. You’ll need to lure the bear away with Dustin’s pudding. Once he is out of the way, enter the cave and make your way past the enemies inside, where you’ll find the final Gnome, Pop, just after you exit the cave.

That’s how you find all twelve of the Gnomes in Stranger Things. Be sure to take a look at our guide on how to find every Eggo in Stranger Things.

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