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Steel Curtain Modern Warfare Guide: How to Get This Weapon

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been cracking into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, then you’ll know that there’s more to the game than just its riveting story mode. We’re talking multiplayer, missions, and plenty of opportunities to get cool guns. Check out our Steel Curtain Modern Warfare guide to learn how to get this special assault rifle.

Steel Curtain Modern Warfare Guide: How to Get This Weapon

The Steel Curtain is an assault rifle that you can earn by completing a multiplayer challenge mission in the game. You’re going to have to complete a number of multiplayer objectives in order to pick up this assault rifle for yourself, and we’ve got them listed out below. The name of the challenge is Warrior’s Code, and the in-game tagline is “Deploy and complete a variety of challenges to earn your stripes as a seasoned warrior.”

The objectives that you have to tick off your list while you’re playing multiplayer are as follows. We’ve also listed their corresponding rewards:

  • Get 2 public wins – Reward: 1000 EXP, Ace Combatant emblem
  • Get 75 kills – Reward: 1500 EXP, My Collection calling card
  • Get 5 headshots in Team Death Match – Reward: 2000 EXP, Hot Head sticker
  • Get 20 kills with equipment – 2500 EXP, Adam Bomb calling card
  • Capture 20 flags in Ground War – EXP 3000, Spartan spray
  • Get 20 point-blank kills – EXP 4000, Hair Trigger calling card
  • Get 5 wins in any objective mode – EXP 5000, Gilded Legionnaires emblem
  • Get 25 kills with killstreaks – EXP 7000, Let’s Ride calling card
  • Get 40 kills with your secondary weapon – EXP 7000, Spartan Youth sticker
  • Get 10 longshot kills – EXP 8000, Violet Vendetta calling card
  • Get 5 wins in Gunfight – EXP 9000, Dual Wield spray
  • Win 10 public matches – EXP 10000, Steel Curtain Assault Rifle

Once you’ve completed all of the above objectives, you’ll see that the final objective culminates in you receiving the Steel Curtain Modern Warfare assault rifle. There are actually quite a few requirements to knock through, but if you’re an active player then they should actually be quite easy to get a handle on. Need a hand with anything else in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? You can check out some other tips that we’ve put together:

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