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State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition Facilities Guide

by Prima Games Staff

In State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition, a big part of making it through the apocalypse is about being able to choose the right Home Site for your group, and part of that involves making sure you can meet the challenges that you’ll face. That’s where Facilities come into play.

With Facilities, players can upgrade their Home Site to perform various actions. This might increase the amount of people who can sleep at one time, or allow you to create different types of weapons and explosives. It’s a very easy part of the game to overlook, so we wanted to take a few minutes to talk about each type of Facility, and what it brings to the table.


The Library is a Facility within the players Home Site that they’ll want to upgrade to very quickly. The reason for this is that it actually unlocked other Facilities, as well as being able to create things, such as the Box Mine, Biodiesel, and Greenhouse Gardening. There are more, but the idea here is that knowledge is power, and you’re definitely going to want as much power as you can get.

Medical Area

The Medical Area is another important Facility, and it’s likely pretty clear why. People who wander around outside during a zombie apocalypse tend to get hurt, and a Medical Area will help you to heal those wounds much faster. It can even be upgraded to an Infirmary or Medical Lab, the latter of which will allow you to make Mild Stims, Potent Stims and even Homemade Painkillers.

Storage Area

The Storage Area will increase your ability to store the five key resources in State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition. A Basic Storage Area will allow you to hold +20 in each of the five resource categories, while upgrading to Food Storage will give you +30 for everything, and it will help to keep your food from spoiling. Lastly, Refrigerated Storage will give you +40 storage and further reduce spoilage.

Training Area

A Training Area will help your group to improve their combat skills in State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition. At the basic level this will allow you to increase your Stamina by +10, and decrease the chance of injury. If you upgrade to the Dojo, you’ll also get the combat training, as well as the +10 Stamina and the injury prevention. This is important, but other Facilities might be better options.

Watch Tower

Players will notice that there is a Watch Tower at the Church of the Ascension, and this is key to keeping zombies from getting into your Home Site. The Watch Tower itself allows for a lookout, as well as the ability to snipe zombies. If you upgrade this to a Shooting Platform you get the benefit of Shooting Practice, which will increase the shooting skill for the members of your entire community.

Work Area

The four variations to the Work Area are Basic Workshop, Workshop, Machine Shop and Munitions Shop. You might as well go for the latter, which will allow you to repair vehicles parked overnight, as well as create explosives. It’s a pretty good option for protecting your Home Site. This variation will only set you back 40 Building Materials, one of the five key resources, and 100 Influence.

Ops Center

The Ops Center is a new Facility that was brought in with Lifeline, but since you own State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition, you have that. It’s basically a beefed up Library, but comes with new benefits, like Survival Training, Strict Regime, and Preparedness. These will give you boosts to your Wits, Stamina and even increase your research rate, three key elements of survival.

Landing Zone

The Landing Zone is again part of the Lifeline pack, and it is located at the center of the Black Friday base. In a nutshell, players can call in supply drops to help them keep going, but it will cost them Influence. The Basic Supply Drop is only 50 Influence, but the Long-Range Supply Drop is 300 Influence. The former is basic survival loot, while the latter is more military themed gear.

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