Starfield: What is the Best Vae Victus Choice? – Answered

It's a tough choice, given his morals.

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While you handle some of the side content for Starfield, you’re likely to find plenty of choices that challenge your moral grounds and way of thinking. These often don’t have any bearing on the overarching plot (or at least a very insignificant bearing) but are interesting for the moment nonetheless. One such choice appears at the end of the United Colonies mission line, with the choice having some minor effect on future events. Here’s what the best choice for Vae Victis is in Starfield.

What Should You Do About Vae Victis in Starfield?

This choice comes up during the mission A Legacy Forged, where you’ve learned that it was Vae Victis who ordered the Terrormorph attacks on the colonies. He did this to protect his and his clone daughter’s legacy and wants you to go along with it. This obviously presents you with two choices: You can either go with Victis’ lie and tell the Cabinet that it was Victis’ partner who orchestrated the attacks, or you can tell them the truth.

If you choose to go with the lie, no one in the room will bat an eye given that Victis already gave them the evidence against his former friend. None of your allies will care (if they don’t already know he’s alive), and you’ll be free to head back to him to handle the repeatable mission of Preventive Action. This will give you some Credits along with whatever rewards you find along the way.

If you instead go with telling them the truth, then the Cabinet will be a little shocked but presumably go about executing him for his crimes. Hadrian will also be happy that you gave the truth and gave Vae what he deserved in the end. This will end things outright, with no bearing beyond this point.

As for which you should choose, I’d suggest going with the lie if you haven’t told Hadrian or her allies yet. This will let you get some extra cash, and won’t have any effect once you’ve finished up the mission. Otherwise, telling them the truth is good since it’s clear that Vae is a bit scummy and is willing to endanger innocent lives to get what he wants.

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