Starfield: UC Wants You! Quest Walkthrough

There's a recruit in all of us!

Starfield UC Vanguard Office in Gagarin Landing
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Whether you’re part of the UC Vanguard from New Atlantis or not, the faction requires a helping hand on Gagarin Landing in finding recruits. Here is how to complete UC Wants You! in Starfield.

How to Start UC Wants You!

Starfield Zinaida Kuipers UC Vanguard Recruiter
Screenshot by Prima Games

To start UC Wants You!, you must speak with Zinaida Kuipers at the local UC Vanguard Recruitment Office in Gagarin Landing. It’s a small building, just up the stairs to the right side of the central town square. You’ll note the large “Vanguard” sign adorning the front.

Once you speak with Zinaida, she’ll explain how they’re badly hurting for recruits in the area, and no one in town wants to hang up her recruitment posters. She’ll pay you extra for convincing everyone to hang them.

How to Complete UC Wants You! In Starfield

To complete UC Wants You! in Starfield, you must help Zinaida hang her recruitment posters at three critical locations in Gagarin Landing: the bar, the clinic, and the sheriff’s office. Again, she’ll pay additional credits if you persuade all three to hang the posters instead of tossing them in the trash.

UC Wants You! Quest Objectives
Speak to Zinaida
Drop Off the Recruitment Materials
Return to Zinaida

This side quest is simple enough. It’s an MMO-style quest in which you travel throughout the small settlement, speak with the three key individuals, pass a persuasion check on two, and return to the quest giver for your reward.

You must hand the posters to:

  • Lizzy Ajello
  • Dr. Pauline Keala
  • Chief Dalitos Pretorius

Lizzy is at her bar, just across the town square from the UC Vanguard Recruitment Office. As for Dr. Pauline Kaela and Chief Dalitos Pretorius, both have small buildings just down the lane from the starport on the right-hand side of the path. You can’t miss either one.

Once you’re done, return to Zinaida for your reward.

UC Wants You! Quest Rewards

Speaking of rewards, for completing UC Wants You!, you will receive the following:

  • 75 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)

If you pass the persuasion checks for Dr. Pauline and Lizzy, you’ll receive an additional allotment of credits depending on your level.

Once you finish this one, hop in your starship and fly to Neon for a few additional side quests.

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