Starfield: The Showdown Quest Walkthrough

The finale to the Ebbside Strikers' Saga.

Starfield Disciples Gang Members
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In the finale of the Ebbside Strikers’ three-part tale, we’ll finally get to do something about the Disciples. Here is how to complete The Showdown in Starfield.

How to Start The Showdown in Starfield

Starfield Ebbside Strikers Leadership
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The Showdown will begin immediately upon finishing Display of Power after you return to Briggs to let him know you successfully hijacked each advertisement board. He will determine that it’s finally time to deal with the Disciples in Ebbside once and for all, and as such, asks you to speak with Vogal Fuches to go over the plan.

How to Complete The Showdown in Starfield

To complete The Showdown, you will track down three gangs of Disciples on the streets of Ebbside, hit them hard and fast, and then meet up with the rest of the Ebbside Strikers at Warehouse 03 to finish off the gang for good.

The Showdown Quest Objectives
Speak to Vogal Fuches
Clear Disciples Hangouts
Speak to Andrea Sandoval
Defeat the Disciples
Speak to Owen Dexler
Speak to Briggs

Before we dive into the actual quest, know that there is an optional objective. You can visit Newill’s Goods in Neon Core to purchase armor for the entire gang. You can persuade him down to only 5000 Credits, but it’s still expensive. You’ll have a choice later in the mission where the armor does help, but it’s unnecessary.

The first part of this quest involves a lot of running and gunning. You must track down and remove three groups of Disciples hanging around their usual haunts. These groups range in size from three or four to six or more, so be wary when approaching each location.

Furthermore, in all of the chaos, it’s easy to hit a civilian. Try not to, though. There is a bug with this quest where if you accidentally shoot a civilian and receive a bounty, you can’t properly complete the final step in Warehouse 03.

Starfield Disciples Gang
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Once you track down the last group of Disciples, you’ll meet their leader. He offers you a lot of credits if you turn against the Ebbside Strikers and take them down.

It’s up to you whether you turn traitor, of course. If you side with Disciples, they hand over a ton of credits. If you side with the Ebbside Strikers, they give you credits and a unique weapon.

Starfield Ebbside Strikers in Armor
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No matter your decision, you will then meet with the Strikers outside of Warehouse 03. If you purchased the armor from James Newill, you’ll note that every member now dons the durable armor of Neon Security. Here, you can request their help clearing the warehouse or go at it alone.

I recommend the latter if you did not pay for the armor. But if you did buy the armor, then there’s no harm in letting them come inside with you. There are only a few Disciples indoors, anyway.

Starfield Owen Dexler
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With the warehouse clear, you’ll hear a voice from downstairs beckoning you to come down and speak with them. It’s Owen Drexler, a high-ranking individual with Neon Security. It turns out he’s been playing the Ebbside Strikers against the Disciples to help clean up the streets.

He has an offer to make the Strikers, who remain standing, and will absolve them of their crimes if they join Neon Security and help keep the Disciples in check.

To finish things off, speak with Briggs.

The Showdown Quest Rewards

For completing The Showdown, you will receive the following rewards:

Once you finish this one, why not hit Kore Kinetics to spend those hard-earned credits?

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