Starfield: Supply Line Quest Walkthrough

A continuation of Fishy Business and Loose Ends.

Starfield Legrandes Liquors
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This is the final quest in Yannick Legrande’s line of Aurora cooking and distribution, so prep for an underwhelming adventure. Here is how to complete Supply Line in Starfield.

How to Start Supply Line

You will begin Supply Line once you speak with Yannick Legrande again after completing Fishy Business. With the supply route from Xenofresh open again, Yannick is prepped to reopen his Aurora business with you as his right-hand man. But first, you must cook more products and meet with the supplier.

How to Complete Supply Line in Starfield

To complete Supply Line, you will again visit Xenofresh to tackle a shift cooking Aurora. Once you’re done with the usual three batches, meet with Robie in the break room to gather the coordinates of the latest package.

Supply Line Quest Objectives
Speak to Yannick Legrande
Start a Shift at Xenofresh
Manufacture Aurora
Speak to Robie in the Break Room
Retrieve the Stash
Deliver the Aurora to Yannick

Like in Fishy Business, you will again don your Clean Suit and cook Aurora for Xenofresh. If you’re anything like me, you will likely move through this one quickly. I didn’t care about the perfect bonus for cooking the Aurora using only the necessary ingredients, but I just wanted to meet with Robie in the break room.

Starfield Robie at Xenofresh
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After speaking with her following your short shift, she’ll tell you the whereabouts of a not-so-hidden package of Aurora for Yannick. It’s on the far side of Ebbside, so you will have to ride the elevator up from Underbelly and traverse the cramped hallways.

Starfield Yannick's Package
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Once you have the package, please return it to Yannick. He’ll pay you handsomely and provide you with the recipe to cook Aurora yourself!

Supply Line Quest Rewards

For completing Supply Line, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 100 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)
  • Aurora (Recipe)

Again, this entire quest line is such a missed opportunity to create a criminal empire that starts in Neon and spans the galaxy. I hope Starfield mods will flesh it out a bit more. The best thing to come out of Supply Line is the ability to craft Aurora yourself. You can skip Yannick and start selling contraband across the Settled Systems!

If you’re still tackling side quests in Neon, we recommend Dirty Laundry!

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