Starfield: Dirty Laundry Quest Walkthrough

A fixer found outside of Night City.

Starfield Manaia Adams in Astral Lounge, Neon
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The city of Neon is one of the more exciting locations in the game, with a seedy underbelly and countless side quests that deal with nefarious individuals and their dealings. Here is how to complete Dirty Laundry in Starfield.

How to Start Dirty Laundry in Starfield

To start Dirty Laundry, you must overhear one of the Neon Security speaking about Manaia Adams, an out-of-town fixer looking for someone to work with before she spawns. I attempted to find her myself, knowing she would spawn inside the Astral Lounge. Unfortunately, she was missing in action.

Once I overheard the local security mention her, the side quest appeared in the miscellaneous, and she was available overlooking the dance floor.

How to Complete Dirty Laundry in Starfield

To complete Dirty Laundry in Starfield, you must speak with Manaia Adams in Astral Lounge, accept the job to track down a hot firearm, and sell the illicit goods to Kolman Lang at the local Trade Authority.

Dirty Laundry Quest Objectives
Speak to Manaia Adams
Pick Up the Merchandise
Sell the Discarded Sidestar to Kolman Lang
Return to Manaia

Once you have the side quest, it’s time to track down the Sidestar. It’s down in Ebbside in Warehouse 03, on the second floor, in a first aid container in the corner of the storage room. When I finished this quest, I didn’t run into any combatants inside the warehouse. It was empty.

Starfield Dirty Laundry Sidestar Location
Screenshot by Prima Games

Once you secure the weapon, head back up to Neon Core. You should pop out beside the Trade Authority, where the grumpy Kolman Lang awaits. He has an attitude, knowing full well you’re here to sell illegal goods, but he’ll still offer 500 Credits for the Sidestar.

Starfield Neon Trade Authority
Screenshot by Prima Games

Once it’s sold and you’ve washed your hands of the gun, return to Manaia Adams. She’ll pay you for your services but refuses to provide any additional work. It’s a rule of hers, you see.

Dirty Laundry Quest Rewards

For completing Dirty Laundry, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 100 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)

Overall, this isn’t a tough quest. It’s a fetch quest with an interesting story, like dealing with a fixer from Night City in Cyberpunk 2077.

But if you want more action in Night City, we recommend tackling The Audition, which starts a three-part questline for the Ebbside Strikers!

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