Starfield Strix System Location: How to Get to the Strix System in Starfield

A great source of Vitamn EXP.

Starfield Strix I Enemies
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There are about 100 star systems in Starfield for you to explore, with each offering its own piece of the nearly 1000-planet pie. Many of these systems and planets are mostly for show, offering some nice locales without bringing anything noteworthy to the table. However, some planets bring some interesting landmarks or uses, such as Strix bringing an excellent way to farm experience. Here’s where to find the Strix system in Starfield.

Where to Find the Strix System in Starfield

Starfield Strix System Map
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The Strix system can be found on the far east of the system map, only a few systems away from being the furthest eastern one in the game. It’s surrounded by the Rana, Pyraas, and Fermi systems. To get there, you’ll have to make at least a few jumps through different systems. For example, I had to head to the Copernicus system, followed by the Serpentis system. Then, I was finally able to jump to the Strix system. However, reaching the system will likely require an upgrade to your Jump distance.

How to Increase Grav Jump Distance to Reach the Strix System

Starfield Astrodynamics Skill
Screenshot by Prima Games

Reaching the Strix system requires you to have the maximum 30LY jump distance on your Grav Drive, which can be done one of two ways. If you head to a Ship Services Technician, you can customize your ship to have a stronger Grav Drive. The other way is through your Astrodynamics skill, which will improve jump distance and fuel consumption at various levels, as seen in the above image.

All Strix System Planets and Moons in Starfield

Starfield Strix System
Screenshot by Prima Games

The Strix system has a total of six planets and nine moons, split into the following setup:

  • Strix I
    • Strix I-A
  • Strix II
  • Strix III
    • Strix III-A
    • Strix III-B
    • Strix III-C
    • Strix III-D
  • Strix IV
    • Strix IV-A
  • Strix V
  • Strix VI
    • Strix VI-A
    • Strix VI-B
    • Strix VI-C

Of these planets and moons, both Strix III and Strix VI are inaccessible due to being Gas Giants. The most interesting planet by far is Strix I, which has some helpful properties.

How to Farm XP Using the Strix System in Starfield

Starfield Strix System Nautiloos Filterers
Screenshot by Prima Games

Farming up XP in the Strix system requires you to land at a Craters landing zone on Strix I. This can be located when clicking on a spot on the planet and seeing the Craters destination on the right side of your screen. As you land on the planet, you should spot a ton of nearby floating creatures named Nautiloos Filterers. These may as well be sitting ducks that you’re free to shoot as you wish. Strix I is considered abundant with them, so there should be no shortage. Once you’ve killed them all, simply head back up to orbit and back down to find them respawned.

Through my testing, I started out at level 45 and farmed the enemies using a high-damage sniper for about 5 minutes. Within that time, I gained half a level, showing the planet is bloody efficient. It’s way faster than any XP farm I’ve run into in the past.

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