Starfield: Refurbished Goods Quest Walkthrough

It's time to roleplay as Nicolas Cage!

Starfield Eta Cassiopeia
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It looks like Denis Averin is a bit more shady than previously expected, which is saying something, considering how he reacted to the missing starship and crew in Freight Fright. Here is how to complete Refurbished Goods in Starfield, the second quest for Denis in Cydonia.

How to Start Refurbished Goods

Starfield Denis Averin
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To start Refurbished Goods, you must first complete Freight Fright for Denis Averin. Once you clear the lost freighter on Mars, speak with him again. You will have a dialogue option asking for more work, and, lo and behold, Denis has a job for you. It’s just as shady but entertaining nonetheless.

How to Complete Refurbished Goods in Starfield

To complete Refurbished Goods, Denis will ask you to track down some merchandise for him, but he doesn’t want to know the details as to how you acquire the goods. It will involve violence, however, so prepare for a lengthy combat encounter with plenty of ammunition, health kits, and some explosives for good measure.

Refurbished Goods Quest Objectives
Speak to Denis Averin in UC Exchange
Go to the location
Obtain the 5 items
Bring Denis the 5 items

That said, he’ll send you to a randomly generated point of interest. Mine was on Eta Cassiopeia. I had to infiltrate a relatively large mining facility, with a sprawling complex in the center, filled to the brim with Ecliptic mercenaries and robotic guard dogs. It was a tough fight, even at level 34, so ready yourself appropriately.

Starfield Dead Ecliptic Mercenaries
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Once you’ve cleared the enemies outside, head indoors, there will likely be a few more foes to take down before you can grab the loot chest at the end of the dungeon.


Loot the entire chest! I thought to grab the most important items but failed to read the quest requirements the first time around correctly. Denis wants a handful of a specific item. In my case, it was five Grendels. The chest contains everything you need, so take it all.

Starfield Stolen Goods
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With the goods retrieved, leave the POI and return to Cydonia for your reward.

Refurbished Goods Quest Rewards

Once you’re done speaking with Denis, you’ll receive the following rewards for beating Refurbished Goods:

  • 50 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)
  • Armor or Weapon Piece

For this one, your reward varies greatly depending on your level and what items Denis wants you to scoop up for him.

When you’re done with Refurbished Goods, why not fly to New Homestead to tackle their side quests?

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