Starfield: Freight Fright Quest Walkthrough

A ship lost to the sands of Mars.

Starfield Lost Freighter
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This is easily one of the creepiest side quests in Cydonia, and it’s well worth the adventure across the red planet. Here is how to complete Freight Fright in Starfield.

How to Start Freight Fright

Starfield Denis Averin
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You wouldn’t think it, but to gain the Freight Fright quest, you don’t need to speak with any of the ship-related people in Cydonia, but instead, Denis Averin of UC Exchange. He’ll explain that he’s waiting on a big cargo shipment, and the tracker beacon claims it’s here on Mars, but no one has arrived with his goods. You can offer to find the ship somewhere on Mars.

How to Complete Freight Fright in Starfield

To complete Freight Fright in Starfield, after speaking with Denis Averin, leave Cydonia and follow the marker to the lost ship. It’s quite a long way, crashlanded in the desert and lost amongst the dunes of Mars.

Freight Fright Quest Objectives
Speak to Denis Averin
Enter the Ship
Exterminate the Heat Leeches
Check the Cargo
Return to Denis

Once you track down the lost freighter and head inside, it’s immediately evident that something is wrong based on the number of dead bodies and blood you’ll find in the halls. Before long, the problem becomes apparent.

Starfield Freighter Lost Crew
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After crashing, or before (who knows?), the freighter becomes infested with heat leeches. You must clear the hallways of heat leeches and then secure the cargo in the next room. There are quite a few inside, plus more in the crates themselves, so walk carefully and keep your gun ready.

Starfield Heatleeches
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Seriously, it’s like something out of Aliens, except the eggs were replaced with crates of consumer goods instead. You need to clear each one, activating them all, with some of them revealing a leech inside that will pop out and give you a little scare.

Starfield Freight Fright Quest Cargo
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Once you’re done clearing the cargo hold, your objective changes and asks you to clear the entire ship. There are a few more leeches on the opposite side of the vessel, in the crew quarters section, but only three or four to deal with.

Freight Fright Quest Rewards

For completing Freight Fright, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 110 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)

Despite the experience points and credits you receive, both of which land on the better side when it comes to side quests, this is just a fun mission to tackle. It’s eerie and exciting.

But if you want something a bit calmer, we recommend tackling Charity of the Wolf in Akila City!

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