Starfield Patch Notes for Update 1.8.88

The galaxy renews itself

Starfield November 20 Update 1.8.86 patch notes
Image via Bethesda

The latest update for Starfield is here, focusing on enhancing the general player experience for the game. This includes fixing some game-breaking bugs at certain points or adding some small QoL changes that were first introduced in the game’s Steam Beta version.

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Starfield Update 1.8.88 Full Patch Notes Listed

Our next update coming out of our Steam Beta is now available for all players. This small update addresses a few issues, including a crash that could occur on some Xbox and Microsoft Store playthroughs, an issue with weapon cases in Outposts, and we say goodbye to the “pet asteroid” that would follow some players through space.

We appreciate all of you who participated in our Steam Beta and will continue to read your feedback and make updates to the game.

Thanks for playing!



  • Addressed an issue that would cause space matter to become stuck to player’s ship during space travel. Loading a save will now remove the space clingon. Please note: This fix should address any space matter being stuck in your travels, but not in instances where player ships have New Atlantis attached. A fix for that will be released in a later update.


  • Fixed an issue that prevents random guns from spawning in a newly created Weapon Case after loading a save.


  • [MSS/Xbox] Fixed an issue where players could experience crashes while saving during long playthrough without going through the Unity.

The game is still being updated regularly, and as mentioned by Bethesda Studios on Starfield’s official Reddit, the plan is to keep shooting new patches every six weeks regularly, while slowly working on implementing many requested changes such as better mod support and even new methods of traveling, something that was previously believed not to be coming into the game. The galaxy’s still not fully explored, so keep walking on the stars!

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