Starfield: Missed the Mark Quest Walkthrough

A missing package, a betrayal, or perhaps more to the story?

Starfield Bonifac vs Maldonado on Hawley
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In the continuation of Missed Connections, you’re back to helping Ms. Strickland secure her bottom line and ensure her business doesn’t falter in Gagarin Landing. Here’s how to complete Missed the Mark in Starfield.

How to Start Missed the Mark

You will start Missed the Mark immediately upon concluding Missed Connections with Helena Strickland at Reliant Medical in Gagarin Landing. After you discover her dead courier, the receptionist, Bonifac, also goes missing, and she suspects him of stealing the sensitive data and killing the courier for his own gain. It’s up to you to track him down.

How to Complete Missed the Mark in Starfield

To complete Missed the Mark, you must track down Bonifac somewhere on Hawley, usually in a restored base overrun with Ecliptic mercenaries, and then find and return the stolen information from the dead courier. I hope you’re prepared for a fight.

Missed the Mark Quest Objectives
Find Bonifac Maksimov on Hawley
Speak to Bonifac
Find Maldonado
Speak to Maldonado
Kill Maldonado
Collect the Stolen Data
Return to Helena

On paper, Missed the Mark appears straightforward enough. Well, guess what? It is. In this side quest, you will travel to Hawley, which is in the same system as Gagarin, and infiltrate the POI. Around the exterior, there are approximately eight to 10 Ecliptic mercenaries to fight, with more inside.

Starfield Hawley POI
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That said, once you enter the facility, there’s a computer terminal beside the entrance. You will want to hack it and then change the parameters for the security robot in the next room. While there aren’t a ton of mercenaries to fight, an extra gun goes a long way.

Starfield Ecliptic Mercenaries on Hawley
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With the exterior, main entrance, and common room free and clear of mercenary forces, it’s time to track down Bonifac. He’s not far, thankfully. From the entrance, look up. He’s in the office above you.

Off to the left-hand side of the room is a staircase leading to the second floor, which will take you to the office in question. He’s tied up, though. Free him, and he’ll explain that he’s not the one behind the murder and theft, but the man responsible is still here in the facility. Maldonado, the culprit, is deeper into the base with a few guards. Unfortunately, the robot won’t follow you, but Bonifac will.

Starfield Bonifac Prisoner on Hawley
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Once you track down Maldonado, he has an offer for you. He knows Helena Strickland is a total pain and doesn’t pay well, so he will pay you to walk away. You would leave Bonifac to him, along with the data, and return to Strickland to tell her an altered version of the day’s events.

He does pay well, I will say. However, if you choose to ignore his offer and convince him to stand down or just shoot him, you can return to Ms. Strickland, and she’ll give you the usual reward plus some additional credits for all your trouble.

Missed the Mark Quest Rewards

For completing Missed the Mark, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 100 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)

For siding with Strickland and returning the data at level 35, I received 7700 Credits. How much you receive will likely vary, though.

Once you’re done with this side quest, it feels like the right time to visit Neon!

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