Starfield: Keeping the Peace Quest Walkthrough

A mysterious package and a compromised dead drop.

Starfield Sergeant Yumi
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While the UC Vanguard questline is a lot of fun, sometimes you want to play the beat cop role and do a little detective work. Here is how to complete Keeping the Peace in Starfield.

How to Start Keeping the Peace

While exploring New Atlantis, you may stumble into a guard who, in passing, mentions that Sergeant Yumi at UC Security by the Starport requires assistance. You will receive the “Talk to Sergeant Yumi” activity in your miscellaneous quests tab. If you follow the activity, you’ll start a quest chain that helps Yumi and the other security keep the peace.

How to Complete Keeping the Peace in Starfield

To complete Keeping the Peace in Starfield, you will help Sergeant Yumi and the mysterious Aegis Intelligence Agency recover a package from a compromised dead drop in the city.

Keeping the Peace Quest Objectives
Speak to Sergeant Yumi
Speak with Agent Plato
Retrieve the Package
Return the Package to Sergeant Yumi

As mentioned, working through the UC Vanguard questline is a ton of fun. You wind up fighting a ton of Terrormorphs, which prove challenging and exciting. But sometimes, you want nothing more than a beat cop patrol route through New Atlantis. That’s precisely what you’ll get while working for Sergeant Yumi. He’s overwhelmed with numerous cases and could use your help in solving a few crimes.

The first of which, found in Keeping the Peace, involves Agent Plato at Aegis dealing with a compromised dead drop and a package with mysterious contents for Yumi’s eyes only.

You will find Agent Plato in the MAST District, in the UC Vanguard HQ, on a floor split into three parts, one being Aegis.

Starfield Agent Plato
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Agent Plato will explain the details without mentioning too much about the specifics. He wants to keep this whole mission somewhat hush-hush. He tells you where to find the dead drop, conveniently near Sergeant Yumi’s position at the Starport.

Starfield UC Package Dead Drop
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Once you have the package, don’t bother trying to look inside. I tried. You can’t get into the package, so return it to Yumi to complete the quest.

Keeping the Peace Quest Rewards

For finishing Keeping the Peace, you will receive the following quest rewards:

  • 100 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)

It’s important to note this is only the first in a series of quests for Sergeant Yumi. He offers a few detective-like quests where you will help solve crimes throughout the city.

After completing Keeping the Peace, you will likely tackle A Break at Dawn next.

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