Starfield: How to Buy the Core Manor Home in Akila City

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Starfield Akila City
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While only a very small portion of Starfield, acquiring land and making it look nice can be a god passtime for some of you who play the game. As such, finding all the different ways you can own homes in Starfield can help immensely. One such home is located in the Freestar Collective’s capital city. Here’s how to buy the Core Manor home in Starfield.

How to Get the Core Manor Home Within Akila City in Starfield

Starfield Core Manor Realtor Ngodup Tate
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To purchase the Core Manor home in Starfield, you’ll need to meet with a man named Ngodup Tate, the main realtor for the city. He can be found by heading to The Rock, then heading behind the building and to the left. He’ll be found standing directly in front, speaking with presumably a client of his.

Speak with Tate, who will introduce himself, before offering two different homes for purchase: the Core Manor and the Midtown home. While the Midtown home can make for a solid and cheap option, we’re focused on the Core manor here. He’ll tell you how much he’s in love with the place before offering you the home for 78000 Credits. If you pay up, he’ll give you the key, and you’ll be free to enter the place. Conveniently, the door is right behind him.

Is the Core Manor Home Worth Buying in Starfield?

Starfield Core Manor Interior
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The Core Manor interior includes a massive living room and pre-installed kitchen, with a bathroom at the end of the hallway and a side room. That side room has a door leading out to some stairs, leading down to some of the lower shops of Akila City. As far as it stands next to other apartments, it’s easily one of the better ones. It isn’t quite as good as the New Atlantis penthouse or the Sky Suite in Neon, but for the price, it’s pretty solid.

If you’re looking for more information on homes, check out our guide on how to decorate your house in Starfield.

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