Starfield: Hard Luck Quest Walkthrough

A tale of two opposites attracting through unfortunate circumstances.

Starfield Clover Mackenna
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Bethesda is really on the nose about this quest, what with one of the main characters being named Clover and providing a bit of luck to a down-and-out vendor. But hey, here’s how to complete Hard Luck in Starfield.

How to Start Hard Luck in Starfield

To start Hard Luck, like most other quests in Neon, you will hear rumors of a young woman working at CeltCorp in the Trade Tower who requires your assistance. She’s the young receptionist you first see upon exiting the elevator, and she’s trying to resolve a local business owner’s debt. But there’s more to the story than we initially see, so dig a little.

How to Complete Hard Luck in Starfield

To complete Hard Luck in Starfield, you must help Clover, or Chloe, resolve the debt of Saburo Okadigbo, the owner of the local Mining League in Neon Core. He’s racked up quite the debt to CeltCorp, but Clover wants to bless him with a bit of luck.

Hard Luck Quest Objectives
Speak to Clover Mackenna
Convince Saburo to Take the Loan
Return to Clover

Once you head up to CeltCorp and speak with Clover, she’ll tell you all about the debt Saburo currently has with the company. She wants to help, but Saburo isn’t typically one to accept a helping hand.

But here’s an inside scoop. You can find her diary in the cubicles just down the hall, and it reveals she has feelings for Saburo. She’d like to offer him a loan to cover the debt, so it’s your job to convince him to take the offer.

Starfield Clover's Diary Location in Hard Luck
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To ensure Saburo does accept, you must pass a persuasion check with eight bars. It’s a tough one. But thankfully, you listened to my tip earlier and scooped up the diary. Instead of a persuasion check, you can show him the journal, and it’s an instant success.

Starfield Saburo Okadigbo at The Mining League in Neon
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With Saburo in agreement, return to Clover to let her know that he’ll accept her offer. Unfortunately, you can’t mention anything about the two lovebirds, as Saburo does share her feelings. Sad.

Hard Luck Quest Rewards

For finishing Hard Luck, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 100 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)

It’s a sweet story of love, debt, and mining. What more could you ask for?

If you want a bit more action, though, we recommend Groundpounder. It’s one of the better side quests in Starfield.

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