Starfield: Captain’s Bounty Quest Walkthrough

From one captain to another.

Starfield Captain Faheem in Hopetown
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As captains ourselves, it’s common to stumble upon all manner of mishaps and urgent situations that lead to firefights and persuasion checks. This captain needs your help, so here’s how to complete Captain’s Bounty in Starfield.

How to Start Captain’s Bounty in Starfield

It’s easy enough to start Captain’s Bounty, as Captain Faheem will start yelling at you when you step foot near her position in front of HopeTech. If you hear the cries, speak with her to receive Captain’s Bounty.

Faheem will explain her unfortunate situation and bounty and ask for help dealing with the tracker that recently arrived in Hopetown, seemingly for her head.

How to Complete Captain’s Bounty in Starfield

To complete Captain’s Bounty in Starfield, you will help Captain Faheem deal with her bounty hunter concerns one way or another, either through violence or a persuasion check.

Captain’s Bounty Quest Objectives
Speak to Adella Faheem
Deal with the Bounty Hunter
Return to Adella

After you speak with Captain Faheem and learn her story, she’ll request you take her place and deal with the Trackers Alliance agent waiting in the nearby bar. Ernesto, the bounty hunter, is a kind enough fellow.

He smells something fishy with this job but will still follow along with his orders. As such, you have a choice.

Starfield Tracker Eresnto in Hopetown
Screenshot by Prima Games

You can deal with Ernesto in an old-fashioned saloon shootout or persuade him to leave Captain Faheem alone and ignore the bounty altogether.

The dialogue in this quest is seemingly bonked. You will commonly refer to Captain Faheem in the third person yet play the role of Captain Faheem simultaneously. Both parties seem to ignore this.

Either way, no matter which path you take, Ernesto must leave this bounty alone and let Captain Faheem go.

It’s not overly complicated to beat him. When I chose the violent route, he slowly drew his firearm and then backed himself against a wall. It was an easy target. As for the persuasion check route, he only has four bars, so a few green dialogue choices will easily win him over. Unfortunately, it’s not the end because the Trackers Alliance will continue sending agents after her.

But that’s not your concern any longer. Just return to Faheem to receive your payment.

Captain’s Bounty Quest Rewards

For finishing Captain’s Bounty, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 50 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)

This is another extremely short side quest involving point A to point B, a bit of dialogue, a little shooting, and a payday if you’re lucky. It’s over before you know it.

If you want a job with a little more excitement and don’t mind traveling, Terror Brew in New Atlantis is excellent.

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