Starfield: Balancing the Books Quest Walkthrough

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Starfield Rafiq Hamza of Ryujin Industries
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If you play a stealth-type character and love corporate espionage, the Ryujin Industries faction questline in Starfield is likely your bag. But taking a little side gig never hurt, so here’s how to complete Balancing the Books in Starfield.

How to Start Balancing the Books

If you’re currently working through the Ryujin Industries questline, then you’ve likely spotted Rafiz Hamza sitting quietly, brooding, if you will, near Imogene’s office. He’ll ask why you’re speaking with him, as time is money, but if you press the issue, you’ll find that Rafiq lost a sensitive slate while helping the less fortunate in the Underbelly of Neon.

He asks for your help retrieving the slate if you’re up to the task. Of course you are.

How to Complete Balancing the Books

Starfield Huong Le in Underbelly
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To complete Balancing the Books in Starfield, Rafiq asks you to head down to Underbelly to find a beggar who frequently comes across lost items. The woman in question, Huong Le, is a panhandler near Xenofresh Seafood.

Balancing the Books Quest Objectives
Speak to Huong Le in Underbelly
Find the Spreadsheets Near the Employee Break Area
Return to Huong Le
Return the Slate to Rafiq Hamza

Huong Le is begging for credits at the food court in Underbelly, just past all the hanging fish. If you want, toss her a few credits. I handed over 50, though it doesn’t affect the outcome of the quest whatsoever. But it does make you feel good!

In any case, you will want to ask her about the missing slate. She did find one and now uses it to hold down her papers, but she will trade you the slate for her missing spreadsheets. She lost them near the Employee Break Area, just down the path from the food court.

Starfield Huong's Spreadsheet
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In total, she lost three spreadsheets. One is tucked beneath some cardboard boxes beside the seating area, one is inside the freezer inside the shed, and the other is sitting on a cooler on top of the shed itself. Even with a jump pack, I couldn’t reach the roof. I had to parkour up the machinery to the right-hand side of the shed to reach the final spreadsheet.

With all three spreadsheets collected, return to Huong Le for the slate in question. She’ll gladly hand it over, praising you for helping her. You may now return to Hamza for your reward!

Balancing the Books Quest Rewards

For completing Balancing the Books, you will receive the following:

  • 100 XP
  • 1000 or 2000 Credits

You will receive 1000 Credits for allowing Huong to keep the slate. But if you help her with her spreadsheets and return the slate to Hamza, he’ll pay you 2000 Credits.

If you’re keen on moving paper, there’s a quest in New Atlantis, A Parting Gift, that involves delivering a letter between pen pals. It’s easy and pays well for the time it takes!

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