Starfield: A Parting Gift Quest Walkthrough

An emotional goodbye.

Starfield A Parting Gift Side Quest
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Not every side quest in Starfield is a clear-cut winner that pulls at your heartstrings or leaves a lasting mark, but this one does. Here is how to complete A Parting Gift in Starfield.

How to Complete A Parting Gift in Starfield

Starfield Zawadi Wade
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While exploring New Atlantis, you may notice a lone woman sitting in the Residential District park completely alone. She’s obviously overwhelmed and sad, and, as such, we can ask her if she requires help with anything. The conversation is abrupt, perhaps more so than usual.

The woman, Zawadi Wade, talks about her pen pal, Haddie, who lives in Cydonia. She has an old-fashioned letter she’d like you to deliver, so it’s just a quick jump to the Sol System. For accepting, Zawadi will hand over 1,000 credits.

Upon landing in Cydonia, head directly to the Residential District, just down the ramp and through the elevator on the left-hand side of the path. You’ll find Haddie waiting just inside the door, and upon reading the letter, she becomes concerned and will immediately leave for New Atlantis.

Before running out the door, however, Haddie will also hand over 1,000 credits. So, that’s 2,000 credits just to act as a mailman between pen pals.

Unfortunately, Zawadi is dying and would like to see her old pal just once, so if you head back to the Residential District in New Atlantis, you can see the two having their meet-up.

A Parting Gift Quest Rewards

For delivering the letter and uniting the two women, you’ll receive the following:

  • 100 XP
  • 2000 Credits

It’s not a ton, enough for a bit of ammunition or med packs, but it’s a simple quest that involves a bit of dialogue and a little travel. Simple!

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