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Star Wars Battlefront – How to Win Hero Hunt

by Prima Games Staff

Hero Hunt is arguably the most unique multiplayer mode in Star Wars Battlefront. One member is selected as the hero and will take on the role of a random hero in the game. The other players take on the role of Storm Troopers as they attempt to bring down the hero.


  • Score as many kills as possible while controlling the hero.
  • As a trooper, kill the hero to become the hero.
  • The player with the most kills wins the match.

In this interesting multiplayer mode, one randomly selected player starts as the hero. The job of the hero is to take down as many enemies as possible. Should the hero be defeated, the player that killed them will then become the hero and the process repeats.

We’ve got a guide that discusses heroes and their many powers, so make sure you analyze it well when it comes to using their abilities against enemy soldiers. Also, don’t run like crazy – you aren’t invincible, and taking too many hits will subdue your hero powers pretty quickly.

Keep an eye open for hunters. They’ll prey upon the hero in an attempt to be greedy, but you’ll be able to use your powers in situations to get out quickly, such as using the Emperor’s quick jump. Think defensively, as well as aggressively. You want to kill as many enemies as possible while you have control over the hero, which means you need to survive as long as possible, but also maintain a steady dose of offensive pressure.

When you’re not playing as the hero, make sure you keep communications with your squad. You can’t do all the work yourself. Make sure you stick with your squad and try to ambush heroes or attack from a distance. Even when you’re a trooper it’s important to know the strengths and weaknesses of each hero character so you know how best to attack them. For example, attacking Vader with blasters isn’t going to be very effective and may even get you killed.

In order to become the hero you need to kill the existing hero. That means you need to score the final blow on a hero. When this happens, you’ll change into a random hero and attempt to get as many kills as possible. Explosives work very well to score the final hit on a hero. Wait until the hero’s health is moderately low, then toss an explosive in their direction. Explosives generally inflict more damage than traditional blasters, giving you an edge to remove that last sliver of health and become the hero yourself.

We’ve got a lot more tips and tricks for Star Wars Battlefront in our game hub. If you’re playing Fighter Squadron or Blast mode, or just need general tips, we’ve got you covered!

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