Star Wars Battlefront – How to Win Drop Zone

Secure the drop pods that can spawn anywhere on the map to win this multiplayer battle!
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Drop Zone is one of the more straightforward multiplayer modes in Star Wars Battlefront. Your objective is to secure five drop pods before the opposing team can complete that same task. It may sound simple, but taking a drop pod is not as easy as you may think.

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  • Activate a drop pod to being the claiming process.
  • Defend the drop pod while it is being claimed.
  • The team with five drop pods claimed, or the most pods when time expires, is the winner.

One of the biggest keys to Drop Zone is to stay on the move. While that’s good advice for any FPS (camping gets you killed), it’s especially important in Drop Zone because the drop pods can land anywhere on the map. Once you see a drop pod, you need to head over to it as quickly as possible.

You’ll want to keep an eye out for dropped pods and make your way over to them as quickly as possible. Keep tabs on map locations and then make your way over with a squad mate (or more) in tow to secure and keep their spot, and have reinforcements support you every chance they can.

When you arrive at a drop pod, access the situation before you take action. In order to claim a drop pod you must first activate it. While activating the drop pod you will be vulnerable for a few seconds. If you have a Squad Shield or Personal Shield Star Card, they can be very beneficial while trying to secure a drop pod.

If you’re on the defense, keep an eye open for those that are surrounding the pod, as well as potential snipers from the opposing team that could be waiting in the distance to take down anyone who goes near the pod.

Once you have secured a drop pod, it drops power-ups. It’s important to watch the position of enemy units even after you’ve claimed a drop pod because anyone on the battlefield can grab the loot that drops. Even if you claim the drop pod, you don’t want to lose the power-ups to the opposing team just because you lowered your guard. These power-ups come in handy when it comes to getting to the next pod, so keep that in mind.

While only one drop pod will spawn at first, if that drop pod is unclaimed another one will spawn after a certain amount of time. This leaves two drop pods that can be claimed simultaneously, which means you’ll need to communicate with the rest of your team to determine how you’re going to approach the situation. You can split up equally in hopes you can prevent the opposing team from taking both pods, you can send a sniper or two to the other pod to prevent the opposing team from activating it, or you can keep your entire team at one pod and allow the other team to claim the second pod.

Your choice should be determined by how well your team communicates, how many pods your team and the opposing team have claimed up to that point, and how close either team is to winning. If you only need one more pod to win and the other team has already activated the pod, you may want to move your whole team over to the second pod (leaving a sniper or two behind) so you can claim it and secure the win. If it’s early in the game, the pods aren’t quite as significant so you have a bit more freedom. However, if the other team is close to winning, you will need to split your forces so you can stop them from claiming either drop pod.

If you’re playing Blast or Fighter Squadron instead of Drop Zone, we’ve got you covered. You can head over to our Star Wars Battlefront game hub for more in-depth tips and tricks for the title!

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