Star Ocean The Divine Force: Why is it Only Me? Quest Guide

Where them worms at

I’m loving my time with Star Ocean The Divine Force, for the most part. Every now and then there’s a little bump in the road, one of which being the way side quests work. It’s not like they’re difficult or complex or anything; the game just doesn’t help you much. Sometimes it gives you quests way before you can do them. In the case of “Why is it Only Me?” you simply have to read the prompt closely, though.

This is one of the first side quests you can accept, popping up in Delryk Village. The poor sap who hires you was attacked by a gang of “gluttonous worms” on his travels, and they seem to only be attacking him. He can’t figure out why the hell he’s the only one, and desperately needs your help. But it’s not like you can make these worms appear, either.

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Like I said before, you gotta read the text closely. Homeboy says something along the lines of, “all I did was eat a meal!” That’s your only clue, and it’s trying to tell you to go stay at the Inn and have something to eat. If you want to see if you can take it from there, go for it! There’s another clue in the food menu, and I’ll wait for the next paragraph just in case you don’t want it solved all the way just yet.

Okay, if you’re still reading you have no idea and don’t feel like trial and erroring it. You want the curry, the most expensive meal at the bottom. What’s the clue? The flavor text (wakka wakka) warns you about the dish’s severe impact on your breath. Curry smells! Enough for, perhaps, bloodthirsty but blind worms to find an easy target. Sure enough, head back to the Larcasse Region area while you have the meal effect active and you’ll barely load the environment before you see these things pop up.

Smash ‘em all and there you go; mystery solved.

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