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Splatoon Octo Valley Tips Guide

How to best use cover and tips to beating different Octarians in Splatoon.
This article is over 9 years old and may contain outdated information

Splatoon for Wii U comes with a terrific multiplayer experience where players engage in four-on-four combat, covering the map with paint while splatting enemies. Last week we published Splatoon multiplayer tips to help improve your skills. Today we’re all about the single player missions, where you aid Cap’n Cuttlefish as he wages war against the invading Octarians. Playing as his number three agent (behind the previous two who mysteriously vanished), he’ll guide you to victory through each mission.

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Although we love Cap’n Cuttlefish, Splatoon players could use even more tips to surviving in Octo Valley.

Use cover to your advantage

In the opening stages of Splatoon’s single player campaign, you won’t have to worry about cover because enemies are slow and dim-witted. As time goes on, however, you’ll want to use it often, as paint-shooting Octolings and Eater Octopi pose a bigger threat.

There are two ways to use cover. The first and most practical way is to throw your character’s paint on the ground and dive beneath the surface in squid form. This lets you dodge incoming fire while at the same time reloading your weapon. The only time you shouldn’t do this is when the enemy is about to hit your area with a glob of its own paint. In this case, find a new spot because the renegade paint will damage you.

The other way to find cover is behind walls. You’ll see these pop up quite often, and you’ll be able to perch yourself behind them. In fact, you’ll want to use these when you throw a Burst Bomb since you can easily lob these items from behind cover. From there, pop out from cover and defeat the Octotrooper.

Remember to proceed with caution! You’ll need to reload, and finding cover when doing this is the best way to survive the mission and recover the precious Zapfish.

Dealing with certain enemies

When it comes to the variety of enemies in the game, there are certain tactics for handling each one.

Eater Octopi: These rolling enemies will eat your paint while leaving a trail of their own, bad news when trying to cross narrow walkways. The best way to deal with them is to surround these creatures with as much paint as possible. By doing this, they’ll slow down enough to where it looks like they’re drowning, and you can take them out with ease. Burst Bombs prove useful in this case.

Octolings: These Splatoon twins shoot around the corner like any opponent. Your best bet is to take them out quickly by throwing a Burst Bomb around the wall they are behind, then sneak in from the other side and shoot these creatures.

Octobomber: These critters drop Burst Bombs at you from above. Carefully get close enough using the cover system and then let them have it with a few well-timed sprays of paint. Don’t stand still for too long, since they won’t hesitate to open fire.

Shielded Twintacle Octotroopers: Octotroopers are easy to take out, but shielded ones are a bit trickier because their armor deflects paint. However, if you throw a paint bomb, that will distract them long enough so their backs are exposed, and you’ll be able to finish them off.

Octosniper: Finally, the Octosniper shoots paint from a great distance.  Swim through paint in squid form to get past them undetected, then pop up and execute these enemies with a few shots.

Absorb with sponges

Certain levels require you to create your own platform with sponges, but they’re easy to activate. Shoot one with your own shade of paint and it will eventually grow large enough to stand on. These are great for getting across wide gaps or even discovering hidden areas where you can pick up Power Eggs to upgrade your gear.

With each enemy shot a sponge absorbs, it grows smaller. If it takes enough hits it’ll eventually disappear. Take a second and shoot the sponge to expand this item to full capacity, then destroy your enemies.

Break crates or use these objects as cover

You’ll notice destructible crates in the environment. These contain a number of items, including special weapons like the Inkstrike (perfect for taking out perched enemies), Power Eggs and even Sunken Scrolls; read our guide to finding all 29 Sunken Scrolls in Splatoon. If you spot crates, destroy these objects and collect the loot. 

Don’t be too quick to break all of the crates. There are scenarios where you’ll see these crates in the environment, along with enemies. When possible, use crates as cover and kill these foes beforehand.

Dealing with the Scrubbers

Finally, you may notice indestructible Scrubbers along walls. You cannot destroy these things, and they prevent you from climbing walls.

When dealing with Scrubbers, cover your area with as much paint as possible. Hurl a Burst or Splat Bomb to cover plenty of territory, and while the Scrubbers go after one spot, take a different route.

Make sure you deal with enemies in the area first before focusing on the Scrubbers.

Want more Splatoon strategy? Read these general tips to become better at the game, and learn how to unlock every weapon.


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