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Splatoon 3: How to Change Your Splashtag

Customize the other part of your name with these easy steps

by Nikola L

The release of the craziest Nintendo Switch game of 2022 is nearby and Prima Games is here to deliver regular news reports and various guides for the long-expected third installment of Splatoon. A lot of players want to know how to change their nickname and Splashtag, and we are here to help as always. In this guide, we will be guiding you on how to change your Splashtag in Splatoon 3 on Nintendo Switch.

How to Change Splashtag in Splatoon 3

In order for you to change your Splashtag in Splatoon 3, you first need to go to the city of Splatsville (sort of the main city in this game right now).
When you do manage to get to Splatsville, you need to open your menu and head out to the tab named “Status”.
At the top of the tab “Status”, you will notice your Splashtag.
You then need to click on your Splashtag so that you can start editing it. In case this option is not available for you yet, you need to play out your first battle first, after which you will be in a position to change your Splashtag.

Splashtag is one of those things that’s quite minimalistic at the start, but as you progress through the game, more ways to customize your splashtag will be available, so please have some patience and grind it out.
You will be able to buy cool new accessories for your very own Splashtag from the Hotlandis store.

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