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Splatoon 2 – Setup Online Chat

by Josh Hawkins

Splatoon 2 is the first Nintendo Switch game to support the Switch’s online voice chat service, but it doesn’t work like other console voice chats have in the past. Instead of working directly through the console, players will need to connect their smartphone device (Android or iOS) to their Nintendo ID, which will then allow then to voice chat with their friends. Don’t worry too much about all the details, as we’ve broken them down below, and this article will teach you everything you need to know to setup the Nintendo Switch app so you can start voice chatting with your friends in Splatoon 2.

How to Voice chat in Splatoon 2

Voice chat is a powerful tool that many shooters take advantage of, and Splatoon 2 is ready to help Inklings take their games to new levels by allowing them to voice chat together using the new Nintendo Switch Online application. If this seems a little convoluted or confusing, don’t worry, it’s not nearly as hard to setup as it might seem at first, and if you follow the steps listed below in this guide, you’ll be on your way to chatting with your mates in no time.

Download the App

The first thing you need to do is download the Nintendo Switch Online application for your preferred smart device. This device can be either an iOS powered device, or even an Android powered device. Simply head into the app store that correlates with your device, and search for Nintendo Switch Online. It should be the first app that pops up.

Login to Your Nintendo ID

Now that you have the app downloaded, it’s time to login and connect it to your Nintendo ID. This is just like connected your Switch or other Nintendo-powered device to your Nintendo ID, so simply launch the app, type in the details, and then hit the login button to continue. Don’t have a Nintendo ID yet? Then make one! It’s easy to do and you’ll be continuing on your way in no time.

Create a Chat Room

Now that you have the app connected to your Nintendo ID, it’s time to go into the Lobby on Splatoon 2. Using your Nintendo Switch, press X when in Inkopolis Square, and then choose the Lobby option. This will load up the game’s multiplayer area.

From here, scroll down the list of options until you hit a section called “Online Lounge”. This is the area that you want. Once inside, choose to Create a Room, and then select which type of game mode you want to play. You can then choose whether you want to invite people directly, or if you want to set up a password that they can use to join the room.

It should be noted that you will need to select the “Allow Nintendo Switch friends to join the room with a password” if you want those on your friends list without the app to be able to play the game. They won’t be able to voice chat, but they will be able to join the fun that comes with playing against friends.

Once you’re ready, create your room, and then select the “Send Notification to my Smart Device” option to have the voice room open up on your phone. Plug in a set of headphones with a microphone, and then go to town.

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