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Splatoon 2 – How to Beat the Neo Octostomp

by Josh Hawkins

After you’ve completed the first two areas, and collected all six of the Zapfish in Area 03: Beaker’s Depot, you’ll unlock the third Boss Kettle, which allows you to face off against the dreaded Neo Octostomp. In this article we’ll break down everything you need to know about this boss’ three different phases, and offer up some helpful advice to assist you in your fight to defeat all bosses in Splatoon 2’s single player campaign.

Sheldon’s Request asks you to make use of the Hero Dualies during this fight, which isn’t a bad setup by any stretch of the imagination. You should also make sure to visit the Ammo Knights Enhancifier if you have the spare goodies, and be sure to equip the Curling Bombs at this time as well, as they’ll prove extremely helpful during this fight.

How to Defeat the Neo Octostomp

If you played Splatoon 1 then this boss may look extremely familiar to you. After defeating it back in Octo Valley, the Octostomp decided to get a face lift of sorts, and how he’s back to take you down once and for all. The boss wastes no time jumping right in, and the first phase of the battle begins with the massive Octostomp rushing towards you. Dodge to the right or left to avoid the attack, and then follow up with a Curling Bomb to get some of your own Ink down on the ground.

The goal of this fight is to get the Octostomp to knock himself over, exposing the massive tentacle on its back. When this happens, use your Hero Dualies and Ink up the side of the Octostomp’s body, and then fire away at the tentacle and end the first phase of the battle.

Phase two of this battle becomes a bit more complicated. This is also where you’re actually introduced to the Neo Octostomp, which marks a change in tactics and capabilities. The boss also has a new coating of ink-resistant material on its body, making it nigh impossible for you to ink up its body and attack the tentacle on top.

The goal here is to focus on the large belt that makes its way around the boss. Particularly, you want to focus on the buckle that covers the Octostomp’s face. This buckle is what holds on the ink-resistant coat, and you’ll need to get it off to attack the Octostomp. The biggest attack to look out for in this phase is the Octostomp’s face plant, where it jumps into the area and then face plants down in an attempt to hurt you. Avoid these attacks, and focus on the buckle until it pops off, removing the New Octostomp’s coat. Once this is done, wait for the boss to face plant once more, and then ink up his side and attack the exposed tentacle once more.

Phase three of this boss fight is the hardest by far, mostly in part to the Neo Octostomp’s multiple faceplates, which make dodging his attacks much tougher. Once more you’ll want to focus on the buckle that holds onto his new ink-resistant coat, and once it is off, wait for the boss to faceplant, and then ink up his sides and attack the exposed tentacle once more. When this is done, you’ll have defeated the third boss of the game, as well as unlocked more about Callie, the missing Squid Sister.

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