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Splatoon 2 – All Sardinium Locations

by Josh Hawkins

Sardinium is a very useful collectible item in Splatoon 2 that players can use to unlock new upgrades for their weapons and gear. You’ll need to be extremely observant, and explore the area quite a bit if you want to find all of them, which is why we’ve put together this comprehensive article to help you find the Splatoon 2 Sardinium locations hidden throughout the single player campaign.

Be sure to follow the instructions included in this guide very carefully, as finding all of the Sardinium in each area can be somewhat tough.

Tentakeel Outpost

The first piece of Sardinium can be found in Tentakeel Outpost, the very first area of Splatoon 2’s single player campaign. To find it, look for a column to the left of the Boss Kettle entrance when you first head into Area 01. Head around the column to the back, and you’ll find that it is covered in tarps, preventing the use of Ink to climb up the wall.

Ignore that column for now, and instead, Ink the column directly behind it. You should then be able to climb up, drop some more Ink on the top of this first column, and then Squid-jump across the gap. Make sure you transform back into Inkling form before passing through the grate though!

Now that you’re on top of the column, toss some Ink onto the wall and climb up to find an orange crate that you can bust open to acquire this piece of Sardinium.

Lair 1 – Return of the Octarians

The first lair in Tentakeel Outpost contains one Sardinium that can be found just before you pass through a vertical launchpad near the end of the lair. Look for a launchpad at the top of a column, and ignore it. Instead, ink up the column and swim to the top to find a crate that you can destroy to acquire this Sardinium.

Lair 2 – Welcome to Octopia

The Sardinium hidden in Lair 2 can be found near another vertical launchpad. Look out for a large wooden wall, which you can Ink and climb up. There’s a large sign to the right of the launchpad you need to look out for. Ink your way past the launchpad and destroy the three orange crates on top of the platform (near an umbrella) to obtain this Sardinium.

Lair 3 – Sunset Octocopter

The Sardinium in this lair can be found after you clear the first area of Ink Pistons. Look for a crate on an isolated platform and then shoot it to reveal this area’s Sardinium. You can then ink the area up to the platform and squid-jump across the gap to obtain this Sardinium.

Suction-Cup Lookout

Finding the next piece of Sardinium in Splatoon 2 might prove to be a bit tougher, though. It can be found inside an alleyway between Lairs 6 and 7, behind four crates that you can destroy. That’s a bit confusing, though, so we’ve broken it down into easier to follow directions.

From the entrance to Area 02, head down the ramp and look for a grate off to the right. Ink the ground in front of and behind the grate, and then squid-jump through the grating. This should lead you to a small drop down to a lower area with four crates stacked on top of each other to your right. Using your Ink-gun, blast through the crates to reveal a much larger crate that contains this area’s Sardinium.

Lair 4 – Enter the Octohurler

The Sardinium in the first Lair found in Area 02 can be found just after you encounter the first Rolonium bundles. Just past the launchpad, over the edge of the platform, is a small ledge with two wooden crates in the corner. Destroy the crates to obtain the Sardinium.

Lair 5 – The Octopark

This Lair’s Sardinium can be found after you ride the rails. Look out for a platform on the left, and hop over to the rail that leads to it. Then you can ride it all the way up to a ledge, where you’ll find this Sardinium just waiting to be collected. Missed it? Don’t sweat it. Just restart from the last checkpoint to try again.

Lair 6 – Octozeppelin Invasion

The next piece of Sardinium that players can find is in Lair 6. You’ll want to continue through the level until you reach the mouth of the Octozeppelin base, just past a launchpad. Step off of the moving propeller and aim at the newly spawned enemy. Use your Hero Charger to take it out, and then swim through the ink that you leave behind immediately, avoiding the launchpad at all costs. Grab the Sardinium and then backtrack before a new Octozeppelin appears in the spawner.

Lair 7 – Back-Alley Cleanup

Players can obtain the next piece of Sardinium in Lair 7. You’ll find the collectible item stashed away in a class box. Unfortunately, the walls of the glass can’t be inked using your weapons, so you’ll need to find another way inside. Locate the nearby key, then use the Ride Rail that it unlocks to rush towards the cube. Leap off at the end of the rail, fly through the ring in the air, and then land safely on the cube to retrieve the Sardinium for your own collections.

Lair 8 – Spinning Campground

Move on to Lair 8 to find the next piece of Sardinium that you can collect. Continue through the level until you reach the first launchpad. Don’t head across it just yet, though. Instead, destroy the nearby crates in the corner and you’ll find this piece of Sardinium just floating there, waiting to be claimed.

Lair 9 – Octoling Strike

You’ll have to be quick if you want to grab this next Sardinium, as it is located right beside an Octoling spawn point. Move quickly into the area with the bike off to the right, and ink the ground all around the bike. This should cause a crate that was previous invisible to appear, allowing you to destroy it and reveal the Sardinium inside.

Beaker’s Depot

The Sardinium found in the third area of the game can be found at the top of a tall pillar near Lair 13. You’ll need the Hero Charger to acquire it, so go ahead and equip this item and then ride the nearby propeller until you see a Grapplink nearby. Shoot the Grapplink to get across the gap, and the ink up the side of the pillar to reach the very top, where you can hop over to the pillar that holds this orange crate and the Sardinium inside.

Lair 10 – Octoseeker Shakedown

To find this Sardinium, run past the launchpad that sends you up to the Zapfish and destroy the duo of crates at the end of the platform to find this lair’s Sardinium inside the crate on the right. Be careful to avoid the nearby Octoseeker while grabbing this piece of Sardinium.

Lair 11 – The Floating Garden

You’ll find this piece of Sardinium inside of a locked box that can be found on the last platform of the lair. The key to this box is carrier by one of the Tentahooks in the area, so you’ll need to hunt down each one until you acquire the key and can open the box to acquire the piece of Sardinium.

Lair 12 – Octo-Resort Spring

Make your way through this lair until you reach the first Flooder in the area. Once you’ve located it, sneak past the Flooder and ink the side of the platform so you can swim up to the top and grab the Sardinium. Be wary of the Flooder, though, as it will likely react to your intrusion.

Lair 13 – Dancing Floors

Continue through this lair until you reach the second launchpad, but don’t head across it just yet. Instead, look around for a raise platform that you can access by inking and navigating across a group of moving platforms. The best way to reach this collectible is to swim across, so make sure you ink every piece of the moving platforms that you can before attempting to collect the piece of Sardinium.

Lair 14 – Parking Garage

You can find this lair’s piece of Sardinium on the top of the parking garage roof, after you defeat the Octolings atop it. Search the top of the garage for a corner with a crate behind it (near the vehicle) and then destroy the crate the find the Sardinium.

Lair 15 – Octoling Assault

This piece of Sardinium can be found near the corner of the Octoling’s base, close to the Toxic Mist trap. You’ll have to be careful as you try to acquire this piece of Sardinium, but locate the nearby reinforced crate, and shoot it until it explodes, revealing the Sardinium.

Slimeskin Garrison

Unlike previous areas, this area’s Sardinium isn’t hidden in a set of balloons that you’ll need to destroy. Instead, traverse the Inkfurlers along the side of the platform near Lair 16, and look out for a hidden platform directly beneath it. You can then swim and jump your way down to the platform, where you’ll be able to break open a crate and acquire this piece of Sardinium.

Lair 16 – Secret Bowling Alley

After taking out the lair’s Octosniper, follow the Octoballer nearby to reach a grated ledge that you can drop through. Pass through the grate in squid-form, and then you should land on a hidden platform below, where you’ll find this lair’s piece of Sardinium. Ink the wall that leads back up to swim back up through the grating and back to freedom.

Lair 17 – Octocommander Fortress

Players can find this lair’s Sardinium on a high ledge close to the very first Ride Rail that they encounter in this lair. Use your weapon to ink the diamond-plated wall and then head up the rotating platform. You should find this Sardinium at the top, stashed in the usual small crate.

Lair 18 – Towering Heights

Acquiring this piece of Sardinium is a bit trickier than others, and you’ll need to be quick as you ride the moving platform towards this lair’s Zapfish. The best way to get this Sardinium is to position yourself on top of the center-most sponge when the platform starts to move in a 90-degree turn. Fill the sponge with ink until it’s fully filled, and then take out any enemies that get in your way, and jump to the Sardinium platform when you spot it on the ride.

Lair 19 – The Experimentorium

You’ll find this lair’s Sardinium behind one of the several Splat Switches that you come across in this level. In fact, you can access it just after you encounter the Splat Switch in this lair for the first time. After hitting the switch once, look to the left to see that one of the platforms has rotated around, giving you access to a new platform. Move along the platform until you can hit a second Splat Switch on the same cube, causing it to rotate once more. Once this is done, go ahead and swim up the side of the cube, giving you access to the top. Once atop the cube, look for the platform holding this lair’s Sardinium nearby.

Lair 20 – Propellerland

In order to acquire this Sardinium you’re going to need to activate a Propeller platform and a Gusher at the same time. First, make your way to the platform where you can see the Sardinium above (it’s the platform that you jump to from the center area where the Vault is located), off in the distance a little. Now, position yourself right near to the gusher, and use your Curling Bomb or Hero Brella to shoot the propeller and cause the platform to move. Once it is directly beneath the Sardinium, activate the Gusher and you’ll be shot into the air where you can grab this lair’s Sardinium.

Lair 21 – Octolings Ahoy!

You can acquire this Sardinium from a crate stashed directly beneath an Octoling spawn point near the end of this level. You’ll have to deal with quite a few enemies along the way, but take them out, and keep climbing to the final area where you should spot this crate on the ground. Destroy it to gain access to the Sardinium and then pick it up before finishing the level.

Cephalon HQ

You’ll find this area’s Sardinium stashed in a hidden area between Lairs 25 and 26. Use the saucer near these two lairs to reach the top of the platform, and then shoot the side of it with ink to reveal an invisible platform that you can drop down onto to grab this Sardinium.

Lair 22 – Underground Expressway

This lair’s Sardinium is locked in a box high atop a platform that you’ll have to fight your way to. Once you locate the box, take out the Shielded Octotrooper nearby to retrieve a Splashdown Special, and then you need to focus your attention on a nearby Tentakook—who holds the key to the box with the Sardinium. The best way to get this Tentakook is to be aggressive and chase it down until you manage to take it out and grab the key. Once you have the key, head back to the box and open it up to acquire your Sardinium.

Lair 23 – The Octogalaxy

This lair’s Sardinium can be found after reaching the checkpoint with the Dash Track. Focus up on the Sardinium in the distance, and then run across the Dash Track and jump to the nearby Ride Rail. From here you can jump over to one of two new Ride Rails that appear as you ride up. Jump either way, and then make your way around a vertical Ink Piston. Once past the piston, with the Sardinium in your sites, jump across a few small areas to reach the center Ride Rail, which should lead you right up to the Sardinium. Jump at the end of the Ride Rail to grab it.

Lair 24 – Transfer Junction

You can find this lair’s piece of Sardinium hidden along the back of a moving platform. The best way to find it is to check all the vertical moving platforms until you spot it, and then ink your way along the wall to reach it. Just make sure you don’t leave squid-form until you’re back on the platform on the side, where you won’t fall to your death.

Lair 25 – Platform Madhouse

This lair’s Sardinium can be found after you traverse up a wall. Once you reach the top, look down and off to the left until you spot this low platform, hidden away from prying eyes. Drop down to the platform to find this Sardinium waiting to be claimed.

Lair 26 – Paradise Lanes

The penultimate piece of Sardinium can be found after passing the first checkpoint in this lair. Once you pass the checkpoint, drop to a small walkway below, and then turn around to spot this crate, waiting to be broken open. Attack it until it explodes, and then claim this Sardinium before moving on.

Lair 27 – Octoling Workout

The very last piece of Sardinium that you can find in Splatoon 2 can be found stashed away in a large orange crate atop an elevated grate. Look for the Octoling’s spawn point in this lair, and you should find the platform in question nearby. The best way to reach it is to target the Inkfurler below, and extend it up to the grate. This will allow you to swim up the Inkfurler and reach the crate. Destroy it to acquire the final Sardinium.

That concludes our hunt for every piece of Sardinium in Splatoon 2, and at this point—if you followed this guide—you should have everything you need to find all of the Sardinium needed to upgrade your gear. Be sure to return to our Splatoon 2 guide for more helpful articles to help you throughout your journey to become the greatest Inkling ever.

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