Spider-Man 2: Hell’s Kitchen Prowler Stash Solution

Shock proof

Hell's Kitchen Prowler Stash
Screenshot by Prima Games.

Uncle Aaron has yet another piece of tech hidden away in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen, and this Prowler Stash is another one on the list of shock-based solutions. However, simply punching some venom into a generator won’t work here.

Hell’s Kitchen Prowler Stash Solution in Spider-Man 2

To complete the Hell’s Kitchen Prowler, you need to hit the generator with a Venom Punch and shoot webs at any point on the wires where sparks are flying out. When you hit the first generator with some electricity, you can scan the area to see all the wires below. As soon as you jump down with Miles, you’ll notice the next generator has some problems.

Hell's Kitchen Prowler Stash.
Screenshot by Prima Games.

The wire that leads to the left of the generator has a severed line, and the only way to fix it is by shooting webs on the outside. There is no indicator for where to shoot, so I just scanned and shot exactly where the sparks were. If you look closely enough, there is a small line showing where the severance happened as well.

In total, there are about four different spots on the wires that you need to repair. Keep making your way to the left and then look at the wall after fixing the first wire. Hit the second spot with a web and then go back to the roof. The last two are in this area, and they lead to the final generator. You can finish up the Prowler Stash puzzle once all the wires are completely connected.

Connecting the wires and the generators will give you instant access to the tech in the Hell’s Kitchen Prowler Stash. Like always in Spider-Man 2, Uncle Aaron will call Miles after he picks up the tech with another story about his time as the villain.

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