Spider-Man 2: Astoria Prowler Stash Fuse Box Locations – Solution Guide

Timing is everything to unlock the Prowler Stash in Astoria, Queens.

Astoria Prowler Stash Fuse Box Locations - Solution Guide | spider-man 2
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There are four fuse boxes to find and unlock the door that holds the Prowel Stash in Astoria, Queens in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. In this guide, I’ll give all the fuse box locations and the best way to solve the time puzzle.

Astoria Prowler Stash Fuse Box Locations & Solution in Spider-Man 2

To solve the Astoria Prowler Stash Fuse Box puzzle, you must find all of the fuse boxes located on the different levels of the building’s rooftops, use Chain Lightning (hold L1 and press square) to overload each fuse box with power, and do it all before the timer runs out. Below is the best method to follow:

Step 1: Scan For Prowel Code

The first step to solving the Astoria Prowler Stash puzzle is to scan for the Prowel Code by holding the L2 trigger. The Prowler Code will be in front of the big metal panel, as displayed in the image below.

Once you’ve scanned the code and unlocked the gray panel, you’ll be prompted to pull the door open by holding L1 + R1 together. The door will open and you’ll see the first fuse box that must be charged up with Chain Lightning.

Step 2: Locate All Fuse Boxes on the Rooftops of the Building

To locate all of the fuse boxes, search for all the purple-colored boxes while ignoring the gray fuse boxes. Below is an image displaying each fuse box location on the different rooftops above the door you yanked open.

The first box is behind the yanked door. The second box is on the wall atop the roof, just above the door you opened. The third box is on the next rooftop on the wall above the two doors and the final box is above that on the very top of the building.


Follow the electric cables from the door you yanked open. The wires will lead you to all of the purple fuse boxes.

Step 3: Overload All the Fuse Boxes with Chain Lightning

The final step to take before you unlock Astoria Prowel Stash is to overload each box before the time runs out. If you do not, the timer will reset, and you’ll need to start over. There are two ways you can do it.

Option One

The first option is to start at the very top of the building and work your way down. Face the first fuse box and Chain Lightning charges it. Once charged, hold R2 in to run, run to the ledge, and fall off to the next rooftop.

Once you’ve fallen to the lower level, the box should be in front of you. Charge the second box with L1 and square and then run to the ledge and drop to the next rooftop for the third box. Rinse and repeat this and then drop to the door with the fuse box next to it.

Option Two

The second option is to start at the door you yanked and work your way all the way up to the final box. For this method, you must remember to use the Web Zip feature and Web Zip to the edge of every rooftop above the yanked door.

I tested both methods and they are both equally effective in solving the Astoria Prowler Stash puzzle. Having timed how long it takes before the timer resets, you have approximately 25 seconds to overload all four fuse boxes with Miles Morales’ Chain Lightning power.

Prowler Stash Location in Astoria, Queens, in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

The Prowler Stash in Downtown Queens is located near the foot of the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge in the Astoria neighborhood. The map below displays its location and the purple neon light of the Prowler Stash can be seen from the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge.

If you follow the bridge all the way into the neighborhood, the Prowel Stash building is northeast of the foot of the bridge. It is the only building in the vicinity that has back-to-back billboards. One billboard has an Ambroche board and the other is a Swillco Watermelon advertising board.

The Astoria Prowler Stash can be found in the early stages of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, after unlocking Mile’s Chain Lightning power and the Prowler Stash side quests. For more on Spider-Man 2, read Best Tactics & Moves for Brawling Big Brutes and learn how to beat them easily.

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