Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Best Tactics & Moves for Brawling Big Brutes

Beat the Brutes in a brawl in Spider-Man 2!

Best tactcis for brutes | spider-man 2
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As we’ve witnessed in previous Spider-Man games, it’s easy for the Brute to give you a beatdown. Mavel’s Spider-Man 2 is no different. In this post, I’m going to give players the best tips to beat Big Brutes in a brawl.

Best Tactics When Brawling Big Brutes in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

The bigger they are, the harder the fight in Spider-Man 2. Knowing your way around a crowded thug or Hunter fight could be the difference between staying alive or restarting at the last checkpoint.

The brutes are the biggest opponents, who have no pattern to their punches, have a strike that cannot be dodged, and take away a lot of your health. This makes it difficult to defend and defeat the biggest guys, especially when there are a lot of thugs.

Here are the best ways to beat brutes in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2:

Parrying Brutes’ Unblockable Hits

You cannot parry their hits the entire time, but when the Brute lines up for an unblockable hit, you must parry to stun them. Once you’ve stunned them, follow up immediately with combos. Rinse and repeat.

Using Spider-Man Special Moves

Your special moves are limited and should be used to even out the playing field. Keeping it for last-ditch hits or defending just before your health bar depletes is normally how you would use your special moves.

However, using your special moves on brutes and in big crowds will help you deal with them effortlessly. Big stun moves separate the enemy, making it easier to fight them one by one and dodge attacks. This means Venom Smash, Mega Venom Blast, Spider Rush: Tornado, Spider Shock, and others that strike multiple enemies at once are the best special moves to use against Brute brawlers.

Brute Takedowns in Steal Mode

The other is to web-strike them and leave the brute for last. If you do try to web-strike him first, find a place where the rest of the enemies can’t notice you strike him, and you’ll avoid being detected. Or deal with him last out of the group, and then you’ll stay undetected.

Fully Upgrade Web Shooter

When you fully upgrade your web shooter in Spider-Man 2, you’ll be able to hit a brute with multiple shots and keep his hands tired. If he is close to others, one upgrade of the web shooter will web the enemies together after a few web shots.

The web shooter can also be used to take out the rest of the group first and then leave the Brute Hunter or thug for last.

Upgrade Peter’s Skill Tree (Symbiote Punch: Symbiote Slam)

This move knocks Brutes out quickly and easily. With one Symbiote punch, it will send all Brutes flying back and stunned for you to land some combos.

This skill will only be unlocked once you’ve unlocked Venom and his moves. It is one of the last skills on Venom’s skill tree. The skill moves of the Symbiote suit appear to do more damage and target more enemies than the normal Peter Parker Spider-Man suit.


You’ll unlock the Symbiote suits and all of the moves halfway through the main story when you’re trying to find Dr. Connors and fighting the Hunters and Kravan.

Use Wall Thrash

You have to make unlocking the Wall Thrash ability a priority. It does loads of damage, can be used against Brutes, is one of the easier fighting moves to pull off, and is an upgrade for both Peter and Miles. It’s the fifth-last move on the left-hand side of the join skill tree.

To perform a Wall Thrash beating, you must repeatedly tap the square button while you have an enemy close to or against the wall. With this move, single out a Brute in a crowded fight, lure him to a wall, and then unleash the vicious and effective Wall Thrash.

Unlock Heavy Lifting

Heavy lifting is a skill move for both characters and can be found on the join skill tree. This move allows the Spider-Men to throw Brutes around when webbed up, electrified, or Venom Stunned.

You can also use directional web yanks to pull Brutes around, which must also be upgraded on the joint skill tree.

There you have all the tactics and skill moves to use against one of the tougher enemies you fight in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Upgrading the skill trees can leave you with tough decisions to make in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. However, they are essential to how well you do when fighting and traveling. For more guides on what to do, you can read: 15 Best Skills to Unlock First Spider-Man 2.

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