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all emf experiments locations and solutions | spider-man 2
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It can be somewhat difficult to find every EMF experiment location in the game. We’ll show you how to find all EMF experiment locations and solutions, including the splicing and atom experiments, in Spider-Man 2.

All EMF Experiments Locations and Solutions in Spider-Man 2

There are nine EMF Experiments throughout the city and a few of their locations will only be unlocked on the map once you’ve completed the initial machine-learning challenges. You essentially unlock these after doing the Healing The World Main Mission. The quest is given after going to the Emily-May Foundation, which will give you the first experiment.

But don’t worry, you are forced to complete the first experiment as part of the main story, so you can’t miss it. All of their locations and solutions are as follows:

Harlem, Central Park: Energy EMF Experiment

In the first EMF Experiment you’ll get a chance to ride one of the electric bikes from the Emily-May Foundation and collect data for Dr. Nguyen.

Harlem Central Park: Energy Location

The workbench is located on a rooftop in Harlem on the northeast corner of Central Park and can be seen from the park.

Central Park: Energy Solution

Collect the bike, ride through the park, and hit all 10 checkpoints. There is no timer for the first five checkpoints. Once you’ve hit the timer, you’ll have 1:30 left to reach the rest of the checkpoints.


Make sure to use all of the ramps on the trail and use the boost to make it in time easily.

Upper West Side, Central Park: Bee Drones

The next experiment is the first of three Bee Drone experiments that take you to the west end of Central Park. In this challenge, you’ll be testing out Bee Drones in the wild and collecting data for Dr. Young.

Central Park: Bee Drones Location

The EMF workbench is located on a rooftop opposite the park. The map provided below shows the location of the EMF Experiment.

Central Park: Bee Drone Solution

There are two parts to this experiment. The first part is to identify and destroy targets. There are 12 purple targets to destroy. There is no time limit for this experiment. However, the targets need to be eliminated before your Bee Drone’s charge depletes.

Upper West Side, Central Park: Bee Drones | locate hives | EMF Experiment | spider-man 2
Destroy Targets: Spider-Man 2 (Screenshot by Prima Games)

The next section of this EMF Experiment in Spider-Man 2 is to identify and mark nest hives. Do this by flying through the yellow/gold holograms. You must identify seven nests. There is no time limit for this section.

Chinatown, Little Tokyo: Plant Science EMF Experiment

The third EMF is in Chinatown and is titled Little Tokyo: Plant Science. In this case study, you’ll have to search for plants, collect samples, splice genes, feed the people, and more.

Little Tokyo: Plant Science Location

You’ll find Little Tokyo: Plant on a rooftop in the northwest section of Chinatown, located on the bottom section of the map. The images below display its location in New York.

Little Tokyo: Plant Science Solution

First, you’ll need to collect three plant samples by following the vines on the wall. Locate the vines on the wall by pressing R3. Now you’ll have to splice the three samples. Below is an image of how the genes need to be placed in order to complete the bonding.

The last step of this EMF is to optimize the water supply by pulling the valve on the water tank and then patching all of the leaks throughout the pipeline. There are five leaks to patch up in total. 

Hell’s Kitchen, Portside: Plant Science

The Portside: Plant Science experiment only becomes available after you’ve completed Little Tokyo in Chinatown. Here you’ll need to go fishing, solve a puzzle, and then splice some samples for Dr. Foster.

Portside: Plant Science Location

The workbench can be found looking over the docks from one of the rooftops. It’s located in the northeast of Hell’s Kitchen, right next to the docks.

Portside: Plant Science EMF Experiment Solution

You’ll first need to walk to the water on the floor next to the workbench and analyze the water. Then you’ll have to destroy the corrupt atoms. Below is an image of the final product. 

The next step will be to swing over to the water by the docs (about 323m away) and collect samples from the fish you catch. Head back to the workbench and insert the fish gene to start splicing. The image displays the genes and their order.

Little Odessa, Queens Apiary: Bee Drone

This mission will be unlocked once you’ve completed the Central Park: Bee Drones experiment. This is the second of the bee drone EMF Experiments for Dr. Young.

Queens Apiary: Bee Drone Location

Queens Apiary: Bee Drone EMF Experiment Solution

Protect the bee hives by identifying rats and beewolves and guard the bees’ nesting boxes. Then follow a Meropidae Albicollis to his bird coop.

There is only a limited amount of time to shoot down the 20 predators. After that, you must keep a close following distance between you and the bird.

Downtown Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights: Energy

Here, you’ll be using the glide feature to help Dr. Nguyen gather data from the wind tunnels. Fly high, Spidey.

Brooklyn Heights: Energy Location 

It’s in the northwest corner of downtown Brooklyn, right at the foot of the bridge. 

Brooklyn Heights: Energy EMF Experiment Solution

In this EMF Experiment, you’ll use your web wings to glide through the wind tunnels and deploy five wind turbines to complete the mission.


If you go high enough and stay long enough at the required height, you can deploy all five turbines in one airlift

Not out of the woods just yet, one turbine will get compromised, and you’ll have to fight some Hunters and relaunch the turbine back into the wind tunnels.

Downtown Brooklyn, Prospect Park: Bee Drones

The final Be Drone experiment takes you to downtown Brooklyn, where you’ll have to complete a mixture of tasks while collecting data for Dr. Young. This EMF experiment only unlocks after the Little Odessa, Queens Apiary: Bee Drone experiment.

Prospect Park: Bee Drones Location

The workbench is located on a rooftop in the middle of downtown Brooklyn, in the northwest corner of Prospect Park. The park can be seen from the rooftop.

Prospect Park: Bee Drones EMF Experiment Solution

Similar to the Upper West Side, Central Park: Bee Drones Experiment, destroy 10 targets and identify 5 nests before the bee drone’s charge depletes. Someone will intercept the drone.

You must search the garages in the area (the custom waypoint will be added to your map while on the mission) and find a signal that will give you the location of the bees. Once you’ve found the bees, shoot the glass tanks and set them free, and then defeat the enemies.

Financial District Two Bridges: Plant Science

The Two Bridges: Plant Science side quest will be unlocked following the successful completion of the Portside: Plant Science experiment in Hell’s Kitchen. Here you’ll be chasing down a lead, collecting samples, brawling, and more to collect samples for Dr. Foster.

Two Bridges: Plant Science Location

The rooftop where the workbench can be found is located in the southwest of the Financial District. The bench is next to a greenhouse on an open roof, as displayed in the image below.

Two Bridges: Plant Science EMF Experiment Solution

You must hybridize the plant and collect something on the rooftop (the waypoint will be displayed on your map while on the mission) Thereafter, you’ll have to track down the thieves who stole the cassava plants by following the pollen trail.

When you track them down, you can choose to eliminate them using stealth or go in web-slaying and brawl them all. Once defeated, collect the sample.

Return the cassava plants to the rooftop and create a GMO. While you are busy splicing the genes, you will be ambushed by thugs.

Beat the thugs and then complete the splicing as displayed in the image below and you’ll complete the second last EMF Experiment.

Astoria: Emily-May Foundation

The final experiment in the EMF Experiment series. Sadly, this finale will not appear on your map if you haven’t finished the main story. In this experiment, you’ll do an investigation and splice genes.

Astoria: Emily-May Foundation Location

The final Emily-May Foundation Experiement is located in a garage in the southeast of the Astoria neighborhood. You’ll see a workbench inside the garage.

Astoria: Emily-May Foundation Solution

There will be a box of items on the desk that you’ll need to investigate and then use those items on the workbench. You’ll be tasked with splicing the bark from Harry’s mom’s tree and Aunt May’s blossom. The completed gene splice is displayed in the image below.

All EMF Experiments Rewards in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

There are plenty of rewards to collect from each mission and after completing the final one, such as Rare Tech Parts, Tech Parts, XPs, and more. You’ll get the following when doing all of the EMF Experiments:

All EMF Experiments Rewards

  • EMF XPs: 700 per experiment, 1000 for completing the final experiment (total: 6600 XPs).
  • Rare Tech Parts: 3 per experiment, zero RTP for the final experiment (total: 24 RTP).
  • Tech Parts: 140 per experiment, 200 for the final experiment (total: 1320 TP).

The biggest reward after all your efforts in gathering data for the greater good of humanity is the Peter’s Life Story suit that you unlock. For more suits to unlock in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, you can read: How to Get the Forever Suit in Spider-Man 2

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