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Soul Calibur 6 – How to Break Throws

by Bryan Dawson

It’s been many years since the last major Soul Calibur release, and with the coming of Soul Calibur 6, a lot of changes have occurred. One such change is how the throw break system works. Learning how to break throws in Soul Calibur 6 is different compared to how to break a throw in previous games. While this change will be difficult for experienced players who have years of muscle memory, for newcomers it shouldn’t be too difficult to adjust to. Now let’s get to it and cover how to break throws in Soul Calibur 6.

Throw Types

  • Forward Throw: A+G
  • Back Throw: Back + A+G
  • Command Throw: Character Specific Inputs

There are three types of throws in Soul Calibur. Each throw type has a different escape method.  You have a Forward Throw performed by pressing A + G (Horizontal + Guard), a Back Throw done with Back + A + G (Back + Horizontal + Guard), and a Command Throw that will vary from character to character.

For the most part, a Forward Throw will move the opponent forward from the perspective of the attacker. If your opponent has been backed up to a ring out, performing a Forward Throw will usually knock them out of the ring (this can vary for some characters). Likewise, if you use a Back Throw, you’ll generally switch sides with an opponent, throwing them behind you.

Command Throws are unique for each character. Some will count as Forward Throws, while others will be considered Back Throws. You might even run across unbreakable throws or throws that must be broken in a specific and unique way. However, for the most part, all throws can be broken in one of two ways.

Note: Be sure to check out our controls article if you do not know what A, B and K represent.

How to Break Throws

  • Forward Throw Escape: A, B or K
  • Back Throw Escape: Back + A, Back + B or Back + K

In order to escape a Forward throw, you must press A, B or K as soon as the opponent tries to throw you. To break a Back Throw you must press Back + A, Back + B or Back + Kick. A Command Throw will almost always be considered a Forward Throw or Back Throw While and should be broken accordingly. Any attack button can be used to break a throw, but it’s important to press Back when you’re trying to break a Back Throw. When a throw is escaped, a message will appear on the side of the screen for the player who escaped the throw. This indicates if the escaped throw was a Forward Throw or Back Throw and is the easiest way to determine if a specific Command Throw requires a Forward or Back break.

To make breaking throws easier, you can buffer a throw break while you’re blocking. For example, you can hold Guard, then tap A, B or K. Because you’re holding Guard, your character won’t attack. They’ll remain in their blocking animation until you release the block button. However, if the opponent attempts to use a Forward Throw, you’ll already be pressing A, B or K and immediately break out of the throw.

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