Sons of the Forest Update 12: Full Patch Notes Listed

Cool new item just came to the game.

Sons of the Forest Update 12 Full Patch Notes Listed
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With each update, Sons of the Forest adds new content for fans to enjoy, whether they play casually or hardcore. In these patch notes released on September 29, 2023, there are quite a few changes, including feature upgrades, various quality-of-life improvements, balance updates, and bug fixes. Here’s what’s new in Sons of the Forest Update 12 Patch Notes.

Sons of the Forest Patch 12 – Full Update 12 Notes Listed

Below, you can see all the changes and updates, along with a statement from the developer. Minor spoiler alert, we got a Pick Axe!

Developer Statement about SotF Update 12

Hey everyone,

This patch adds a new cave that contains a pick axe. The pick axe can be used to mine the Solafite mineral found in caves. This material can be used with one of the new buildable structures we’ve added.

We also added the second ??? item, implemented some more A.I. improvements including allowing cannibals to call out for help, and added more reactions and emotes to Virginia and Kelvin. Along with this there are a bunch of other fixes and improvements for the full list check below.

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub.

Endnight Games Statement


  • Added pick axe.
  • You can now mine the Solafite mineral found in caves.
  • Added new cave.
  • Added second ??? item.
  • Added two new findable book items allowing you to build two new structures.
  • New upgrade system for weapons.
  • A new hanging cross, gore props, and cave roots were added to Cave A and Cave F.
  • Added hanging skeletons to some trees in the world.
  • Added Ranged aiming sensitivity option.
  • Cannibal leaders or village guards once alerted to the player can now call for quick backup from others in the area.
  • Implemented more Kelvin emotes: Nod, Thumbs up, Confused, Shake Head, Hit Head, No, Happy, Sad (If the player quickly nods at Kelvin he will nod back).
  • Implemented more Virginia emote actions: Laugh, Nod, Shake Head, Happy, Confused, No, Sad.

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  • Animal heads can now be hit with a golf putter.
  • Virginia will now laugh if she sees an animal hit a spring trap or a full-health Kelvin get hit with a small rock.
  • Kelvin will now react to animal heads.
  • Improved look of volumetric light from sun and work lights.
  • You can now carry up to 3 Turtle Shells.
  • Spawn location for skinned animal heads will now be at the head of the body.
  • Burning player, torch, Molotov, and spreading fire now react to sprinklers.
  • Improved sprinkler performance in bunkers.
  • Sprinklers will clean blood off players and held weapons.
  • Improved positioning of free wires extremities when placing on beams and pillars.
  • Electric wires can now be placed on three-quarter-high pillars.
  • Moved the ramp placement arrow up slightly so that it is easier to see when targeting from the bottom of the ramp.
  • The player no longer slides when standing on ramps.
  • Placing planks on ramps is now easier to target when standing close to it.
  • Physics collider cleanup and optimization on a few Items.
  • Various environment fixes.
  • Food Bunker tree base collisions synced in multiplayer so AI interacts with them.
  • Lighting transition improved in food bunker water.
  • Improvements to driftwood physics.
  • Some optimizations to characters and AI updates.
  • Kelvin’s Finish Structure order will no longer stop after one structure, will now finish everything he can before completing order.

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  • Creepies are more resistant to bullets and have slightly increased general health.
  • Puffies when high health won’t get dismembered.
  • Add a 2-second hit react cooldown to lower the stun lock on Puffies.
  • Fingers and Twins now have more aggressive behavior.
  • Reduced max late-game outside creepy count by 20%.
  • Reduce the likelihood of creepies taking overpopulated villages.
  • Spear melee stab damage reduced 15->10.

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  • Fixed Frank sometimes tries to do revenge attacks on himself after lighting himself on fire.
  • Players can no longer be killed during any cutscenes.
  • Fixed missing spittle in bunker entertainment.
  • Fixed small rock not spawning when digging.
  • Fixed some issues with the Sluggy sound in cave C.
  • Fixed light bulb getting visually culled too early.
  • Fixed supported screw structure getting destroyed when adding a strut to a beam.
  • Fixed sharpening a defensive wall log playing audio of player swinging his weapon.
  • Fixed corner ramp beam on ground placement able to place against off grid structures which would typically create degenerate corner ramps.
  • Fixed placing strut underneath leveled beam unlinking the forward support in some case.
  • Fixed placing strut underneath leveled beam inverting the beam visually sometimes.
  • Fixed pressing shift while placing stick or rock path leaving player in a broken state.
  • Fixed lifting beams causing the renderer rotation to pop after lifting it.
  • Fixed case where beams supporting a concave corner ramp beam would block placement of floors on the wrong side of the beam.
  • Fixed case where placing a strut under a leaning beam wasn’t possible.
  • Fixed issue when placing walls over floors that would break floor linking with its support beam.
  • Fixed own shadow leaking slightly on wall and pillar logs.
  • Fixed issues with grass and leaves from the fake ground covering up some items in the inventory.
  • ??? pieces will no longer respawn if the player already collected them.
  • Added missing equip UI to wire in inventory.
  • Fixed bug where other players would stash items when a networked player triggered the Puffton cutscene.
  • Fixed missing knife in tree crash cutscene.
  • Fix for Molotov smoke alpha clipping.
  • Fixed Armsy (sometimes does not set off traps).
  • Fixed Greg’s carried effigy type not matching on clients.
  • Fixed floating spittle sometimes appears on destroyed huts.
  • Fixed bullets fired from ultra close range sometimes going through the enemy.
  • Fixed issue with player block and parry where hits got through during animation transitions.
  • Fixed player-held severed head scare not working properly when done by clients.

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  • Updated fire events for built fires and standing fires.
  • Retimed skinning animals sounds.
  • Tuned audio on the burning stick and Molotov events.
  • Added new physics interaction sfx object for small batteries.
  • Changed a sluggy event to be 3D.
  • Changed distance settings on sluggy emerge event.
  • Turned down Vista Sting a little.
  • Added some sounds for skeletons and falling rocks.

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