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Sonic Lost World: How to Beat Zazz

by Prima Games Staff

The Deadly Six run amok in Sonic Lost World for Wii U.  To defeat these dastardly fiends, the blue blur will need to rely on all his trademark maneuvers, including the reliable Homing Attack.

In our newest guide, we’ll teach you how to defeat Zazz, the loud-mouthed and purple creature Sonic encounters while exploring the Windy Hill Zone.

Zazz- Part 1

You first encounter this creep near the end of Windy Hill Zone 2. No need to worry. The battle is quite easy so long as you attack quickly. Even if you don’t, you should be able to beat Zazz without losing any rings.

Soon after meeting Zazz, this Deadly Six member jumps on top of a mechanical moon you probably saw in the background while exploring the stage. Although it looks scary, this thing’s a real pushover.

Start the fight by quickly hitting the moon three times by simply jumping into it. Doing this will knock Zazz to the ground. Wait for him to get up and nail him with three Homing Attacks.

That said, there are two things to keep in mind:

1.) Zazz will charge back and forth across the screen. Make sure you double jump right over him.

2.) If you continue to stay locked onto Zazz, the cursor will lock on multiple times, allowing you to execute a stronger Homing Attack.

Once Zazz gets back on the moon, quickly (that’s really the key word here) repeat these steps to put him away.

What if I don’t attack the moon right away?

If you let Zazz hang around, he’ll fly horizontally across the screen and drop three gold stars each time he passes by. They’ll hurt Sonic, but all you have to do is maneuver him in between two stars to get out of harm’s way. 

If the battle drags on, the moon flies across the screen a bit faster, but the key to avoiding those stars remains the same. Remember, you can only knock Zazz off the moon once it returns to the center of the screen.

Zazz- Part 2

The final battle takes place in Windy Hill Zone 4. At first, Sonic chases after Zazz, who once again has that annoying yellow moon. Use the Spin Dash to pick up speed and close the gap between you and the enemy, paying close attention to hazards appearing from the right side of the screen, bottomless pits in particular. Also keep an eye on the gold star attacks. The Spin Dash is the best way to avoid them.

Eventually, you’ll lose Zazz in some tall grass. Once you pop out the other side, the tables turn and Zazz chases Sonic. Now you’ll need to Spin Dash to create distance between the two characters. Avoid pits and hit Springs whenever possible to advance through the level.

Once that concludes, you reach the final confrontation. Zazz will either throw or roll the moon across the screen. Avoid it and nail this creep with Homing Attacks to put him away for good.

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