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Sonic: Lost World Beginner’s Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Sonic Lost World debuted on the Wii U, and just as we expected, Eggman’s imprisoning animals inside robotic contraptions and attempting to destroy Sonic the Hedgehog. This time, he hires a group of monsters known as the Deadly Six to do his bidding. What’s the blue blur (more like you, the player) to do? Simple. Relax, check out these Lost World beginner tips and spend multiple hours grabbing gold coins and Red Star Rings.

That said, here’s the best way to get the most from Sega’s Wii U platformer.

How do I collect more gold rings in Sonic Lost World?

There are plenty of gold rings in plain sight, so be sure to grab as many of those as you can. Others are a bit trickier to find. 

For starters, always run through tall grass in the Windy Hill courses to get more rings. You’ll also find Super Rings (10 rings in one grab) just above treetops and ramps. You’ll receive rings for running or walking through crystals in the Desert Ruins zone, and you can even smash semi-transparent boulders to locate rings. Before long, you’ll have hundreds in Sonic’s possession.

How do I collect all five Red Star Rings?

Each level in Sonic Lost World contains five Red Star Rings, and you’ll want to collect them all for 100 percent completion. With this in mind, you’ll often see them in hard-to-reach places, tucked out of the way in different corners of a level. Other times, you’ll spy one just as Sonic flies off a Spring or Booster pad.

Here’s the biggest key to finding them all: slow down. Sonic Lost World encourages exploration, and you won’t nab Red Star Rings and extra lives if you speed through each board. It sounds weird to say considering it’s a Sonic game, but put on the brakes and have a look around. 

How do I avoid falling into pits?

As with most Sonic games, there’s a whole lot of jumping in Lost World. Many times, we’ll think Sonic can grab a faraway ledge, only to watch Sega’s mascot fall to his doom.

What’s a platform fan to do? Double jump. At the peak of Sonic’s jump, tap the A or B button again for an extra leap. In many cases, this will be enough for Sonic to grab onto a ledge.

How do I complete missions in Sonic Lost World?

While on the level map, look for Omochao and maneuver Sonic onto its block. You’ll receive a current list of missions to complete. These range from collecting a certain number of rings to destroying a set number of enemies with the Homing Attack. You’ll even be able to see your current progress (number of rings collected thus far, for example) for each mission. From there, it’s a matter of keeping each objective in mind as you play the game.

How do I kill enemies in Sonic Lost World?

Several ways, actually. Jump into the air with A, wait for a red targeting circle to appear around a robot and then press A again to deliver Sonic’s trademark Homing Attack. Remain in the air long enough (and time it just right), and you can destroy multiple enemies at once by repeatedly tapping A.

Additionally, press and hold the ZL button to charge Sonic’s Spin Dash, then release ZL and watch as Sonic dashes through many adversaries. 

Here’s another way. Position Sonic near an enemy robot, jump into the air with B and then quickly press the Y button to deliver a powerful kick. Remember, the kick works on enemies on the ground and in the air, especially those red mechanical fish from previous Sonic games.

How do I rescue animals in Sonic Lost World?

Each defeated enemy produces a rescued animal. You will also see small Capsules throughout each level that hold several animals. Jump on top of the yellow switch to free them all.

Why is it important to save animals? If you rescue a certain amount, you’ll unlock the last Zone for each World.

How do I activate Color Wisps?

Walk up to one of these creatures and pop the shell. From there, tap the icon on top right corner of the GamePad screen, then perform the required action. This may involve sliding a finger across the screen to plot Sonic’s trajectory, or physically tilting the Wii U GamePad to move around. Pay close attention to the on-screen instructions, and remember that Wisps only have limited amounts of energy. Once it runs out, Sonic will return to normal.

How do I climb trees in Sonic Lost World?

Approach the tree, then press and hold the ZR button. The same holds true for walking up walls.

How do I play Sonic Lost World on the Wii U GamePad?

Does a family member want to watch TV? No problem. On the Wii U GamePad, press the black and white icon located at the top of the GamePad screen. To switch back to the TV, simply press it again.  

Miscellaneous Sonic Lost World Tips

-Always run through Star Posts. Doing this lets you continue from that point, should Sonic die. You must have lives remaining to continue from this location.

-Make sure Sonic has at least one ring to protect himself against enemy attacks.

-Have you seen little Sonic heads scattered throughout the levels? These are 1-Ups. Collect them to give Sonic additional lives.

-At certain points, Sonic will get tossed into the air and skydive. To increase speed, press and hold the ZR button while maneuvering him with the left analog stick. Beware of enemies and pick up Red Star Rings, 1-Ups and gold rings as you descend.

-Use Sonic’s Bounce attack to smash through fragile objects.

-Avoid sticky puddles of goop and sand that slow Sonic down. Easily spotted by its dark color compared to the rest of the terrain.

-You can hold up to five power-ups in Sonic’s item bag. Activate them during play by tapping the icon on the lower right corner of the screen, then selecting the item you wish to use.

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