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Sniper Elite 4 – How to Unlock Every Rifle, Full Rifle List

by Josh Hawkins

Sniper Elite 4 features plenty of different weapons for Karl Fairburne to equip and use against his enemies. While there are quite a few different weapon types, the sniper rifle is what you’ll be using most of the time in Sniper Elite 4. Because of this we’ll only be focusing on the various rifles that Karl can unlock throughout the game. We’ve compiled an entire list of all the rifles below, so take a look to see how each one stacks up, as well as to see how you can unlock every rifle in Sniper Elite 4.

M1903 Springfield

The first rifle that players use, the M1903 features some of the best default statistics on any weapon. It will be fairly tough to master, though, as you’ll need to score around 50 kills from the shoulder while using it. This can be quite tricky, so take your time and be patient with your kills. This weapon is unlocked by default, so you won’t need to do anything extra to get it.

Mosin-Nagant M91/30

One of our favorite rifles, the Mosin-Nagant is the second rifle that you can unlock in Sniper Elite 4. It features a slower rate of fire than the Springfield, but the increased recoil dampening makes it ideal for long range, back-to-back shots. Mastering it is a bit easier too, and it will only cost you $5 to unlock.

Mannlicher M1895

This third rifle isn’t nearly as powerful as the Springfield or the Mosin-Nagant, but it does offer a much higher fire rate, making it ideal for those who find themselves taking on large groups of enemies. It’s not the best weapon out there, and the stat loss for the additional fire rate isn’t entirely worth it, but that doesn’t rule it out completely. You’ll need $5 to unlock it.

Lee-Enfield No. 4

If you don’t like reloading, then the Lee-Enfield is a perfect gun for you. You’ll have a lower zoom, less stability, and even less damage and muzzle velocity when compared to other rifles, but the 10-round magazine and the increased rate of fire make the changes worthwhile. Of course, to unlock it you’ll need to win the Church battle and the Battle for the Watermill, which happen randomly throughout the game’s various missions.We’ll have more info on how to unlock this weapon in the future, but for now you can take a look at our guide on how to unlock the Trench Gun, a powerful shotgun useful for clearing out German soldiers in close quarters combat.

Karabiner 98K

The Karabiner 98K has one of the highest recoil dampening stats available in the game and is excellent for those who have a hard time dealing with their rifle’s recoil. It takes a hit to damage, muzzle velocity and max zoom when compared to the Springfield, but the loss is worth it if you’re having trouble keeping your crosshair on target. It will only cost you $5 to unlock, but it is really a weapon that you’ll need to decide for yourself on.

Gewehr 43

Those who prefer using semi-automatic weapons will find the Gewehr a welcome addition to Sniper Elite 4’s arsenal. The weapon carries a 10-round magazine and features one of the highest fire rates in the game. The damage dealt with each round is lower, though, but if you enjoy running and gunning this weapon is your best bet for staying alive, so long as you have the $5 required to unlock it.

Carcano M91/41

The final rifle included in the base game, the Carcano offers a 6-round magazine, high damage output, and high recoil dampening. The rate of fire is slightly slower than other rifles within the bolt-action family, but the addition of an extra round for each magazine more than makes up for the loss taken when equipping this gun over the Springfield. Of course, you’ll need the standard $5 to unlock it.

Ross Mark III

Another bolt-action rifle, the Ross Mark III is only available through the Allied Forces Rifle Pack. It holds only 5 rounds in each magazine, but an increased fire rate makes it an ideal replacement for the Springfield. It also has a higher amount of recoil dampening, which will make it easier to control.

M1 Garand

The M1 Garand is a well-known semi-automatic sniper rifle which has seen quite a bit of use throughout various media and video games over the years. It’s also one of the most popular weapons in the game, but fans won’t be able to get their hands on it unless they purchase the Allied Forces Rifle Pack. Featuring an 8-round magazine, increased recoil dampening, and an increased rate of fire, this semi-automatic weapon is ideal for those looking to move quickly and quietly through their enemies.

M1 Carbine

Another DLC weapon, the M1 Carbine is very similar to the M1 Garand, though it offers a much higher rate of fire and an increased magazine size of 20 rounds per magazine. The damage output is lower, but with more rounds to help make up the difference, it is an excellent rifle for any players who don’t mind getting into scuffles with the German Infantry.

Delisle Carbine

This particular carbine is most notable for one reason: the entire weapon is suppressed. For many of the rifles included on the list, suppression comes in the form of separate ammunition, which can be run through a silencer. This bolt-action rifle includes a built-in silencer, though, and also sports a 7-round magazine. Your damage output does take a hit, though, and the muzzle velocity and stability are also much lower than the Springfield. If you want a bolt-action rifle that is ideal for sneaking and close quarters battle, the Delisle Carbine is the perfect choice to lead your attack. To unlock this item you must own the Silent Warfare Weapons Pack.

This is a complete list of all the rifles contained in Sniper Elite 4 and its DLC packs. Each of the images above include comparisons of each weapon against the M1903 Springfield, the default sniper rifle in the game. You can return to our Sniper Elite 4 guide for more articles like this.

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